A Labyrinth Journey

(Lovingly contributed by Jackie Greer
Clan of the Triple Horses Grove, RDG)

Beltane night. Journey in spirit to where Needfires burn on every surrounding hillside, showers of sparks exploding to dance skyward with the stars.

Each spark from your own Clan’s Needfire is a prayer, an intention, instantly received in the Celestial Realms. The Veil is thin tonight. As you gaze into the fire for an eternal instant, the darkness beyond the fire is suddenly pierced by a thousand twinkling lights.

In wonder you pass through the fire, not harmed in the least. The fire has become a portal to the realm of the Fey, and each light is a Fey Spirit, some beautiful, some not so “beautiful,” but each fully visible to your astonished eyes.

“Welcome,” a melodious voice chimes. “See me in whatever you form you like, for our worlds are united, as are all things on this night. We celebrate the union of Male and Female, Passion and Will, Blood and Bone, Darkness and Light. Nothing can be created until the whole is complete, releasing the Spark of Life in the eternal, conjoining instant. Journey with us tonight to find that Spark at the Center of your Soul.”

You follow your Fey Guide to the entrance to a labyrinth laid out in stones in the middle of the clearing. You hesitate. What lurks around each of those twisting curves?

“We will be with you. Do not fear,” the voice chimes. You step in. Something awaits you at each curve. A fear? A hurt? Someone who has betrayed you? Loneliness? Spiritual darkness? One of the tasks, chores and worries that threaten to overwhelm you? But on this Beltane night, each curve’s vision vanishes, revealing a glimmering Fey Spirit in its place.

Each curve becomes narrower. With a start you find yourself at the Center, where countless Fey Spirits whirl, leap and dance around their own Beltane Needfire. You join them, slowly at first, soon whirling in ecstasy, aware of nothing except the joy of a Soul stripped of everything but its passion, its will and its intent. Time vanishes as you dance in a realm of pure Light.

After an eternity that is an instant, the whirling slows; the Light fades into a golden glow. You rest, purged of all but the Spark of Knowing that has been consummated within you.

Dawn breaks as the fires twinkle out on the distant hills. You thank the Fey Spirits and wish one another a safe journey. As you leave the Center and spiral outward, a Fey Spirit offers you a Gift at every turn – a vision of a loved one’s face, a sip of mead, a piece of Elven Bread, a simple “thank you” for joining them in celebration.

As the path breaks to the outside, you turn, face the Center, and whisper,” Thank you,” knowing you will return and be blessed by this sacred space whenever the Fey Spirits bid you welcome. But the new spark within you will never desert you.