Rain Meditation

Generously contributed by
OMS/RDG Druid Tiffiny Suter

I wrote this meditation for those times when you feel like you need a clearer perspective on life. It is to be used while raining, or at least sprinkling.

I want you to go outside, to a quiet place, by a tree, bush or flowers. Find a space you feel naturally drawn to. Let the Earth guide you. I want you to notice everything around you. Look at the leaves of the trees and the blades of grass. Notice the droplets of water cascading all around you. Allow your mind to set aside your thoughts and just be in the moment...be a part of the Earth, a part of the trees, a part of the sky...you are one with all that is.

Close your eyes. Feel the rain on your skin. Just as the rain cleanses the leaves, so let it cleanse your mind, body and spirit. Allow the life-sustaining water to recharge your spirit, just as it recharges every cell of every living thing. Be in the moment.

Allow your mind to receive the message you need. Do not try to analyze the message at this time; just allow your mind to open and receptive.

When you feel you are ready, give thanks to the spirits of the place, the earth and the rain. Return inside. Contemplate the messages you received. If something doesn't make sense right now, write it down in a journal for later analysis. For forth with your day, with your mind clear and refreshed, with new perspective.