Dispatches from RDG's
Autonomous Collectives

Medford, OR:

Clan of the Triple Horses Grove in Medford, Oregon shared a meaningful, joyful Ostara ritual blessed with the presence of our own adopted bunny mascot and Windy, our Seer Rainsplash's pony who embodies Rhiannon and Epona for us.

We blessed eggs with our intent and made offerings to our Clan's needfire in Rainsplash's pasture and were blessed with light rain to send our offerings up in gentle smoke. A delicous potluck ended a perfect Spring afternoon.

Two of our active members headed up the 2009 Arbor Day Celebration. Our theme was riparian planting to shade Bear Creek's waters so it will be healthier for fish. Six Ponderosa Pines, Six Cedars and one Oregon Ash were planted on the west bank. We had numerous speakers presenting information on the subject, a guided nature walk plus a city council member presenting information on Oregon's 150 birthday. Oh and the Mayor read the official Arbor Day proclamation. Two local schools presented their environmental projects for public viewing. Parking was limited and it was gratifying to see many people bike to the site. One tv station and the local newspaper covered the event. All in all, it was a good day for trees and fish.

Please contact us for full details:

Seasonal blessings,
Clan of the Triplehorses Grove

Eureka, CA:
The Mother Grove has experienced a growth spurt since Imbolc, with several new families joining us. We began this past Sunday (April 26th) to meet outdoors and held our Beltane picnic and ritual at Sequoia Park in Eureka. It was a rather brisk day which put a slight damper on our activities, but everyone enjoyed being together. We are however looking forward to a much more warmer experience at Midsummer.

Since over 2/3s of the members of the MG are also Reiki practitioners, we have begun to hold monthly "Reiki Shares", where members give each other Reiki treatments and where we also send long distance energy to other RDG members who request it, and general well being energy to our surrounding community. It only takes one small candle to dispell the darkness. We're lighting a bonfire!

One of our projects is to have a songbook put together for use at the Gathering. In addition to the OMS "Official Bard" Chris Burbick, we have had several musicians join our local Grove. We are also going to be exploring the magical uses of music.

The Mother Grove is pleased to announce that we have entered into a mutual recognition agreement with the RDNA Mother Grove at Carleton College (Northfield MN), the result of several months of correspondance and a few phone calls between Archdruids Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear and Daniel Lessen. This relationship might best be described as akin to a sister-cities relationship, but that's just our opinion. :)

All in all, it's been quite a fruitful cycle for the MG, and we see it continuing to be so as the year unfolds...

In Gaia,
Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, Senior Archdruid RDG &
Ellis Arseneau, OMS Patriarch

Colorado Springs, CO:
Circle of Stone held their annual Calan Mai Ritual on April 30th. Celebrated by a blazing fire, warmth and good cheer, while invoking the Goddess Blodeuwedd. The grove shared Her story and decoded Her myths while harmonizing with the change of the season from winter to summer.

While speaking of ritual, Circle of Stone will be holding their annual Alban Heruin Ritual on June 21st, noon at Helen Hunt Falls. Plans are still tentative at this time.As usual dress for the weather and bring a a light dish to share.

The Celtic Study group is doing well on the Ogham lessons and will be studying more in depth as the summer progresses, the next meeting convenes on May 18th, 2009 in the picnic area of North Cheyenne Canon.

Business news: Circle of Stone has implemented their constitution and by-laws and incorporated it into the grove.

Arch Druid Dyddgu can be reached at

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Middleburg, FL:
We have been busy this quarter here in Middleburg, FL. We welcomed spring here with a lot of fanfare and flames. I won't say it went without as planned. The ritual was wonderful. We gave thanks to the gods and to the earth in good fashion. We made offerings of wine and bread to feed the gods as they looked down upon us. Everyone within the grove brought something to ease their ties of negativity of the past. These we offered to the flames and began the year anew. Everyone left feeling better than they entered the circle which was great for this old bunch. Remember i mentioned the flames, We seemed to create more than we hoped to. While we were proceeding to the circle, each of us were cleansed and welcomed using burning Sage. All went well until we discovered the arms of my brand new robe were a tad too long. I forgot how quick Cotton ignites with burning embers of Sage.....You all can imaging the suprise of myself and the grove. Luckily no real damage to myself and the robe. After we closed the ritual, another learning experience... You don't try to walk in a robe that has not been taken up yet. We had a lot of rain the day before and the ground was slushy to say the least. For some reason i managed to fall over myself walking back to the house. Can i say DUHHHHH! I learned several lessons that night! We did manage to enjoy the food with no injuries.

We will be holding our Beltaine ritual this Saturday evening. I am sure something will happen to keep us laughing all evening long. After all with our maladies, humor is the best med we have.

May you never thirst,

Penda, Archdruid


Grove of the Manzanita is looking forward to its first official gathering, on May 1st. I have been busy planning our first degree ordinations for several prospective Druids, including my life partner. We have planned a public Beltane celebration for May 2nd, which will include a ritual, seasonal meditation, Maypole dancing, drumming circle and feasting. Most of our prospective grove-mates are college students (me included) and are focused on finals; our future celebrations be after school is out.

Update: I wanted to give a short update. Grove of the Manzanita held our first official gathering tonight, and ordained two people to the first degree. It was a short and sweet ceremony, with coffee used as the Waters-of-Life. (For some of us, life would not be complete without the Java.)

We made plans for future gatherings, discussed what we all want to get out of our grove, along with socializing and feasting. It was good.

Our fledging web presence is at: http://www.myspace.com/manzanita_druids

Tiffiny /|\
ArchDruid, Grove of the Manzanita, RDG

Although it's not a "Grove", the NoDaL still qualifies as an "autonomous collective" of the Reformed Druids of Gaia, and consists of all the 3rd Degree Druids therein. The purpose of the NoDaL is to provide a space for Archdruids of the RDG Groves and Proto-Groves to discuss the many aspects of running a group of Druids, and provide advice and support for each other. They also act as the "legislative" branch of the RDG - creating policy as needed.

The Nemeton is currently in a process of reviewing and revising "The Druid Path" cdrom self-study course. It is anticipated that new version will be not one but three separate course studies, each one building upon the previous ones (in other words, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classes). This process is expected to take much of the summer, with the final revision published probably in time for Imbolc 2010. Nemeton members request that anyone interested in having input please share their concerns or suggestions. You may write the NoDaL at scribe@reformed-druids.org

Philadelphia, PA:
Currently meeting in the lush emerald woods of Fairmount Park in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection (commonly know as Philadelphia), Aelvenstar Grove honors Mother Earth. The grove was formally founded Beltaine, 2004 and is a proto grove of the Reformed Druids of Gaia/Order of the Mithril Star and the Reformed Druids Of North America. In addition, we are associated with other pagan organizations such as Per NTR Sesen and Temple Harakhte.

Looking to our ancestors and the ancients, Aelvenstar Druids respect all life and receive inspiration from Nature and the heavens. We believe it is the natural state of Mankind to live in harmony with Nature. and that it is our responsibility to respect and protect the Earth. As activists, it is our responsibility to do our part collectively and individually to heal the environment.

Emphasizing development through the practice of Druidcraft, focus is placed upon personal growth through the development of body, mind, and spirit. Through study, discussions, rituals, retreats, fellowship, and meditation, a spiritual framework is provided through which Druids may further develop themselves.

Aelvenstar Grove holds eight celebrations a year, on the solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter festivals. We sometimes meet on other occasions for outings and initiations. Online meetings and initiations are held too, as some members live a distance away.

We welcome new members of all backgrounds who love nature and seek spirituality permeated in the divine beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Nature is groovy!

Courses available: Reformed Druidism 101

Website: http://www.aelvenstargrove.org
Email: philadelphia.grove@reformed-druids.org

For more information about Reformed Druidism, visit http://reformed-druids.org

Live Oak , FL:
Greetings! White Horse ProtoGrove is sorta in idle mode at the moment.............I am back at college working on my LPN & doing pre-requisites for my RN at the moment & have been very busy........

Ann Feather

Contact: sebring.grove@reformed-druids.org

Roots Rocks and Stars
RDG "Proto-Grove"

Albany, OR:
Roots Rocks and Stars currently consists of three humans and two canine companions. We people are all college students, one in natural resources, one in Literature, and one in history. We live together in a small apartment in Corvallis Oregon's north end. We are all ethnically descended from British Isle and French folks (some Native Canadian/American ancestry as well) and this colors our rituals. We are primarily dedicated to Cernunnos, Epona, Brigid, and Cerridwen but actually tend toward an abiding devotion to nature and spirit without too much investment in names and images. Our rituals tend to involve home-cooking and plenty of beer.

Contact: albany.grove@reformed-druids.org

No news this season from:

San Marcos, TX USA
RDG "Proto-Grove"

Thorn & Rose
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

RDG "Proto-Grove"