Seasonal Almanac

Today is Beltane, Calen Mai, or May 1, 2009 CE.

The Festival of Beltane began at Sunset on April 30th.

It is the 1st day of the Season of Samradh, and the 1st day of the Month of Mi na Bealtaine.

It is also Friday, in the common tongue, or Dydd Gwener in Welsh.

It is the Druidic day of the Apple.

The Reformed Druids of North America were formed on this day in 1961, at Carleton College in Northfield MN.

5 Samradh. Sun is at 15 degrees Taurus. Many Druid groups celebrate Beltane on this day. It is also National Naked Day.

9 Samradh - FULL MOON

20 Samradh - The Sun enters Gemini.

21 Samradh - Birthday of Gwydion Pendderwen, Pagan Bard.

24 Samradh - NEW MOON

27 Samradh - Birthday of Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart.

32 Samradh - Me·n Samradh (June) begins (a Monday - Dydd Llun - Day of the Willow)

33 Samradh - FULL MOON

51 Samradh - Midsummer / Alban Heruin, or the Summer Solstice. The Sun enters Cancer.

53 Samradh - NEW MOON

62 Samradh - Deireadh Samhraidh (July) begins (a Wednesday - Dydd Mercher -- Day of the Hazel).

63 Samradh - FULL MOON

66 Samradh - BGR 05: The members of what was then called the "Covenant of the Mithril Star" unaminously joined the Reformed Druids of North America , thus becoming the "(New) Order of the Mithril Star," one of the "side orders" of the RDNA.

67 Samradh - Birthday of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. He will be 73.

68 Samradh - Birthday of Robert A. Heinlein, author of "Stranger In A Strange Land."

73 Samradh - Birthday of Henry David Thoreau, author and naturalist.

83 Samradh - NEW MOON

83 Samradh - The Sun enters Leo

91 Samradh - Birthday of Ellen Evert Hopman, Druid herbalist.

92 Samradh - The Season of Foghamhnar begins at Sunset (1 Foghamhnar,
1 MÌ na Lÿnasa, August 1, 2009). The Festival of Lughnasadh begins at Sunset.