Message from the Editor

Awen-filled blessings of the season to all of you! The days are getting longer and the Earth Mother is showing signs of awakening...

Here is the big news:

Yes, that's right - we're already organizing our 3rd annual Gathering, and have already secured our regular campground! And happily, it is being co-sponsored again by the Clan of the Triple Horses, the Druid Network, Sequoia Pagan Alliance, and of course, the MG (Cylch Cerddwyr Rhwng y Bydoedd). Space is limited, so please register early!

If any of our readers would like to help spread the word, please copy and paste the above "live" banner to wherever you think people would be interested: forums, blogs, your website, etc. Any help with this would be very much appreciated!

Those of you who have not seen the illustrated story in the Samhain issue of the Druid's Egg can find it here:

We hope to see even more people and have another batch of fascinating workshops, as well as some entertainment (which we are looking into as we speak). If YOU would like to offer a workshop, please drop us a line at: and let us know. All of last year's workshops were enthusiastically well-attended and much enjoyed and appreciated...

You might have noticed that we have changed the name of the Gathering this year. This is because we want to inclusively welcome all Pagans, and having "Druids" in the name might have made other Pagans, Witches, etc. feel unwelcome. So...we are officially opening the Gathering up to all Pagans and reflecting that in the name change...

We still, of course, wish to meet as many of our members as possible - so if you're making your festival travel plans for the Summer, come and celebrate with us!

In Gaia,

Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear /|\
Former Archdruid of OMS/RDG