Ode to Imbolc

by Celtic Moon

Mother Earth stirs from her Winter's sleep
The thaw has begun and her mountains weep
With musical notes the water runs down
As I glimpse our Mother's fertile new gown

The snowdrops nod gently in the evening's hush
Their dark green leaves, silky and lush
I wend my way through the forest of rebirth
Seeing visions of the life force and feeling new mirth

In the snow that remains, small feet leave their mark
A trail of a fox, hurrying home before dark
My eyes are now drawn towards the hill
Where the end of Winter is celebrated still

I stride to the East, making haste to this rite
Under the Moon, the Queen of the night
Happy voices call friendly greetings to me
Flames illuminate the faces I see

Embraces and kisses are eagerly claimed
The Winter is over as the Wheel turns again
I am cleansed and prepared for the months ahead
As my feet crunch the leaves, my worries are dead

I ask of the Goddess that she empower me
And bring hope, fun and laughter with clarity

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