2 Bardic Offerings:

Peith for You

( generously contributed by OMS/RDG Member
Phagos )

As your feet leave the ground,
Your soul begins to soar,
As it was meant to do
Free of the fetters of
Earthly matters
Floating gently
Above the clouds:
You and yours
And the world at peace
I will think of you,
As you take to the sky
I will wave to you,
As the winds carry you away
A rune,
A promise,
A name known,
This is
Peith for You
I will wonder
As you are carried aloft
In the night,
Held tightly in the heavens
A breeze will get you by,
And I will look to the East,

2 September 2004
©The Ogmic Press
All Rights Reserved

These Three Things

(generously contributed by OMS/RDG Member
Phagos )

The morning breeze,
Absently fragrant,
Merely a suggestion,
A thought

I turn towards you
My finger traces
From the tip of your fingers,
To your wrist

To the right,
I trace a single rune,
Idah, one may say,
Lightly across your palm

Your fingers open
Like a blossoming flower
My hand meets yours
In awakening
And joins

The trees dream of spring
So close in the mind
So near to the touch
Breeze over branch
And joins

A late morning shower
Just a mist,
Droplets form
Reflecting the dim sun,
A feeling

I look towards you
I kiss your head,
Your temple,
Each cheek, then
Your nose

To the right,
I find your neck
And my tongue tastes you

I raise my head
So that our eyes meet
I see your lips
My mouth draws closer to yours
And joins

The stream dreams of spring
Once frozen passage
Warmed by time and need
The water finds the shore
And joins

The afternoon fields,
Pale green,
Old and new growth,
Side by side,
A surprise

I reach out to you
My fingers on your back
Like roots spreading,
I pull back and see you
Beside me

To the right,
I entwine myself with you
The branches extend lightly
Down your side

Skin to skin we meet
We sense each other
Gravity in play
One body moves towards you
And joins

The earth thaws
Slowly from a long sleep
Not quite awake
Grass settles into soil
And joins

©The Ogmic Press
All Rights Reserved