The Caim of Bride

A protection spell invoking the powers of the goddess Brigit is called, “The Caim, or Sanctuary of Brigit”. It is a form of the circle of protection. The same technique might be used with Brigantia when a more active defense is required, or with any other aspect of god or goddess.

To make the caim, or “encompassing” as it is called, stretch out your right hand with the forefinger pointing away from you. Then pivot in place, deosil (clockwise), as you recite the charm. Once created, the protective circle will move with you as you walk and guard you from danger of any kind, physical or spiritual.

The spoken charm below has been adapted by the authors based on similar invocations in the Carmina Gadelica, and a piece in the Irish Saint Broccan’s Hymn:

The Caim of Bride

Be the compassing of Bride around me,
Keeping me from hurt and harm,
Keeping me from wound or woe,
Shielding me from all despair.
The fiery sword of valiant Bride
Defend me from all black swarms.
The shield of blessed Bride
Guard me from all sharp edges.
The cloak of gentle Bride
Encircle me and protect me.
This day and every day,
This night and every night,
Be the compassing of Bride about me.

A shorter charm to recite with the caim (and easier to remember if you are nervous or in a hurry:, is the following:

Oh Brigit, spread above my head
Your mantle bright to guard me.

From Candlemas – Feast of Flames by Amber K & Azrael Arynn