Transcending Judgment

(generously contributed by OMS/RDG Member)
Druid Dyddgu

Combining Reiki and Druidism has been a major step for me. For long while I felt separated from my natural spiritual path only to move into a state of depression. I knew I hit rock bottom when I was burned out from giving and receiving too many attunements from various modalities. I removed Reiki from my life for the past year to get a grip on my bearings, I spent much time back in nature so I could reintegrate my spirit which seemed lost and confused, perhaps a time of what is known as the Dark Night of the Soul. I now find myself applying Reiki to self and those around me and only those close to me and I find myself utilizing Reiki in my Druid practice in a whole new way.

What helped me through this time of darkness was deep soul searching while transcending judgment, mainly transcending judgment of myself. I noticed I was very critical of self, very harshly, the more I thought that I should be loving and gentle the I became more irrational and irresponsible. The harder I pushed self the worse it became.

Transcending judgment is an original blessing, a basic goodness that lies in each and every one of us. To embrace this blessing we must view from the heart not the head. When we view self and others we see through our eyes and third eye, at times we see the worst and form negative opinions which creates a defensiveness inside of us that reverberates to our outer worlds and upon those around us. We get cynical, and at the same time move into a state of denial.

There is a a Buddhist practice called Tonglen. The method is simple, breath in suffering then breath out love. This may be a good practice for some, it did nothing for me but bring more hardship and negative energy into my body. I kept most of the human suffering locked in my heart because it didn't transmute like it should have, thus causing more deprivation within in my body and soul. Not to mention the destructive spiraling in my head.

One day I pulled a card from the The Tarot of Transformation, called Transcending Judgment, like a lighting bolt striking from the sky it occurred to me this was my message that would help me out of this darkness. I need to embrace self rather than remain in critical awareness. I needed to view self, situations and people not only with my inner eye but with my heart. I need to honor the needs of self first before I can honor the needs of others. I needed to bring compassion into my life which was sorely lacking on my part. By bringing compassion into my life joy followed, wellness appeared, the healing cycle was set into motion. This compassion has liberated my soul to a new heightened sense of awareness in which I am reminded to apply to daily life.

To practice Transcending Judgment the process is simple, view your current situation, family member, neighbor, self or what have you with your inner eye. What do you see? What are you thinking? What are feeling?

Bring the inner eye awareness down into the heart chakra, and let that inner eye peer out from the heart at the same individual or circumstance you currently observed, now what are you seeing? What are you thinking and what are you feeling?

There is a difference isn't there? Feel the compassion? The body is now lighter the perspective of the awareness has changed, any all negative input has been canceled as there is a mutual understanding between the heart and the mind.

Stay in this moment and relish it. Absorb it. Apply Reiki to your body. Apply Reiki to the earth and thank Goddess, Earth and Source for this beautiful embrace of life. As Druids we are the stewards of the Earth however before we can take care of our mother we need to heal ourselves first.

Just for today I will Transcend Judgment.