Wind Spells

The famous March winds can be used in a wide variety of magickal applications. They employ the element of air, which is related to communication, intellect and travel. But, depending upon the direction the wind is blowing, the wind can be used to assist in a spell for almost any goal.

Only one word of caution is necessary: fickleness. The wind can be unpredictable, often changing direction without any reason or warning. This can affect the effectiveness of your spell or send it off into an unexpected direction. The wind can also wreak havoc on magickal accouterments. For example, candle flames don’t hold up to wind very well, and the capricious wind could use the flame to spread dangerous fires. So use both caution and common sense when experimenting with wind magick. Begin by trying any of these, or by concocting some wind spells of your own…

· Blow powdered rosemary into a west wind to call a new love into your life.

· Toss flowers into a west wind to bring peace and harmony to your home.

· Blow powdered rue into an east wind to make your employer more appreciative of all the hard work you do.

· Blow glitter into a south wind for assistance in getting a raise or bonus from your employer.

· Whisper a message to a distant loved one into an east wind and follow it with some good old-fashioned bubble blowing to carry it cheerily on its way.

· Face down a roaring north wind to instill courage and strength. Shout into it your intention to remain standing long after it’s gone, then follow through.

· Blow cinnamon or damiana into a north wind to ground yourself when you feel frazzled.

· Blow powdered dill into a north wind to protect your home or yourself.

· Tie small bells onto the frame of open windows to bring the wind’s blessings and protection into your home. Or, use traditional wind chimes charged to this end. Seal the intent as you hang them, with words such as:

Charms that tinkle in the wind,
I seek protection as my goal’s end;
Wind that causes your music to play,
Blesses this home by night and day.

· To increase your psychic powers, place a single drop of lilac or sandalwood oil on the center of your forehead and on the palms of both hands. Stand facing a west wind, holding out your arms to embrace it. Visualize your psychic powers strengthening, and experiment with trying to receive psychic impressions from distant times and places. Keep this up until the wind ceases or changes directions.

· Help yourself get a restful night’s sleep by anointing yourself with lavendar oil on an evening when the wind is blowing from the northwest.

· To instill in yourself a passion for learning, or to boost your interest in a subject you are finding tedious or hard to learn, try studying when the wind is blowing from the southeast. You might also want to blow some rosemary into the wind while visualizing your goal.

· Blow skullcap, daisies, or chickweed into a northwest wind with the assistance of your domestic partner to strengthen the promise of fidelity that binds you.

· Blow a blend of rosemary and nutmeg into a northeast wind to gain clarity of thought or to help you find a solution to a problem.

· Induce prophetic dreams by blowing jasmine into a west or northwest wind.

· With a friend, blow sweet pea or turmeric, or toss small carnelian stones into a northeast wind to strengthen your bond with one another. Carnelians are usually a rich orange color, and orange is a color associated with the energy of attracting friends.

· Shout your frustrations about any recent discord into a southwest wind, then toss sugar into the wind to help bring an end to an argument or ongoing friction between you and someone about whom you care deeply.

· Plant herbs or flowers in your magickal garden when the breeze blows from the south to ensure they grow to their full magickal potency.

· Make love in a northwest wind to increase fertility.

· Blow yarrow and orrisroot powder into a west wind to call a lasting love into your life or to strengthen the feelings of love with your current partner.

· Hang some allspice, goldenrod, Irish moss, vetivert, or blackberry in an open window on any windy spring day to blow in the magick of riches and abundance.

· To call up a wind on a calm day, whistle for it three times and stir the air around you until it’s audible by wielding a whip or rope overhead. This takes practice to achieve with regular success, but it’s an old magickal trick from the Witches of old Europe.

· If you need to save the wind for later, hold up a magickally-charged cord or tie knots of wind into it while chanting your purpose over and over. You can release the wind energy later when it is needed. This is another old trick of European Witches, who often sold these cords to sailors who feared being stuck at sea with no wind to fill their ship’s sails.

From Ostara - Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring by Edain McCoy