Message from the Editor
& Senior Archdruid

Wow...coming up for air...what an amazingly change-filled, sometimes dramatic, roller-coaster of a ride this Winter season has been (and still is, somewhat)...

Firstly, the Mother Grove headquarters has relocated to just outside the Eastern border of Eureka, CA, to a larger and cheaper place to live. We are actually able to hold larger meetings and holiday celebrations in our house without everyone stepping on each other! However, since we don't have the large, private yard I was wishing for, where I could let my cats out safely, (there is a large "shared" yard with the back unit of our 3-bedroom duplex, and they have little toddlers that scare my cats), and a few other things we had to "settle for", we are looking at this as a temporary resting place on the way to the ultimate dream - Dryad's Realm...

Secondly, the local Mother Grove is growing by leaps and bounds - compared to years past. It seems that we are finally living in an area that has people who "resonate" with us and who have a lot to offer in regard to our vision of working as a community for the greater good of both ourselves as Druids and for Mother Gaia. These people are natural healers - most of whom are also taking my Reiki class to enhance their natural healing skills. They are community-minded, unlike some past members whose paths have diverged from ours - into a more solitary space, or perhaps another expression of Druidry. We bless them and wish them well, and hope they find what they seek...and in the meantime we welcome with open arms our newest members and "pre-members"...

And finally, we wish to thank OMS/RDG Druid Ramon from Nome, Alaska, for his most generous contribution to the Order - he has paid the entire fee for reserving the campground for this year's Gathering! When he heard that your Patriarch and I were doubting our ability to swing it, he stepped up and donated the money - even though he has never been able to come all the way down here and attend! Bravo, dear Brother Ramon, and may you feel through the ethers all the joy and magick we experience this year!

Click on this banner to check out the info:

We have experimented in the last couple of years with opening the Gathering up to "friends of Druids" and some other Pagan paths...but this year we are renewing our focus on just Druids and those interested in becoming Druids. Being something of a "Druid Summit", we welcome all types of Druids to Humboldt County's breathtakingly beautiful Redwood campground...

(Oh, and I will try to put all the media we collected from last year's Gathering into the Beltane/Litha issue of the Egg).

Spring Blessings to all!
In Gaia,

Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear /|\
Senior Archdruid of OMS/RDG