A Northern Change

(Generously contributed by Phagos - an OMS/RDG Druid)

In the endless ice,
There are no flowers,
There are no blooming trees;
There is ice,
And water,
And sky,
And sun

The Goddess comes quietly
To this place
There is little fanfare
But the Goddess is here
Nothing is green here
But the Goddess is here
Land and sea and sky
And the Goddess is here

The God is here too,
Living in the shadows,
Flourishing in the places dark
And cold,
There is no lack of
Shade in this land where
Night rules in silence
For half of the year

In the darkest of times,
There is wind,
There is the splashing of waves upon the shore
Early in the season;
And then the night descends:
Cover the land
Like the clouds that muffle the day,
The movement of water is replaced
By the groaning of ice upon ice,
Firmness upon ice
Darkness upon ice
Ice is the land as far as the earth stretches
To the sky

And then the days grow longer
Darkness slowly releases
Its hold on the land
And sunshine returns,
In draughts that barely quench one’s thirst,
The shadows remain,
With increasing light, the God finds his place
In places where the Sun cannot find
In places where the Sun cannot bend
In places where the Sun cannot lead
And here he rules,
A scepter, a frozen reminder of the power
That grips the land

In the endless ice,
There are no flowers
There are no blooming trees
There is ice
And water
And sky
And sun

How will we recognize the Goddess
When she arrives?
Will the God flee?
Will the God tremble?
Never a chance
Will the God stand to the side
Like a misplaced shadow,
A refugee from the Sun?
I think not
He will stand to the side
In parity
In balance
In the endless movement
Of the frozen year

And how will we know her?
In what way will we see the signs of her
The ice is never gone
It delineates the northern world
The world of night
Of night
Of night and day
Yet, ever so slowly,
She will ease in her presence
Yet, ever so slowly,
She will stand in the Light,
Yet, ever so slowly,
She will glisten and flash
Like the ice bright in sunshine
Yet, ever so slowly,
She will soften the Night

The ice,
Hardened from months of existence
Will find its edges softened,
Sculpted by a fine hand,
Skilled through the ages
In the kindest of arts,
The increasing light,
Through reflection and insight
And intent and the urge of creation
Will trim down the mountains
Towering and cascading in white
And the shavings will gather and
Shimmer in light
And small streams will flow
From the artisan’s hand
And deliver a message for those who can see

The streams yearn their way to the sea,
Following the paths inscribed in the
Oldest of times
Return to the sea,
Like the Gods have divined
Return to the land,
Like the rivers foretold,
Return to the sky,
A reflection in Light

And how will we know her when she arrives?
Why, she was here all along!
The sea,
Soft and supple underneath,
Cold as the Goddess hand,
Brought into form and dimension
By the working of the God
And she is here,
Ebb and ebb,
Flow and wonder,
Always beneath the surface,
There to those who know to look
The land,
Firm and fertile,
Potential covered in loving,
Icicle wonder,
By a God who describes
The edges of Night,
Solid on supple
And she is here,
The sky,
She looks upon the earth
In grace and in wonder,
The ever-changing face of the
She ascends the day into the
Blue that defines her
She bows to the night and the
Blackness that finds her
At the edge of the world,
Where the Sun flees the sky,
Finds refuge on dry land,
Before joining with the sea,
It is here that she revels,
The Goddess emergent,
The God beholds the firmament,
As they stand side by side

In the endless ice,
There are no flowers,
There are no blooming trees;
There is ice,
And water,
And sky,
And sun

©2008 for The Ogmic Press
All Rights Reserved