The Twice-Born

To dare the incarnation; to take the road in silence.
To know the ascension, to will the resurrection.
The song shimmers in the golden people.

~~ Aidan Andrew Dun, Wales Royal ~~

There comes a stage upon our spiritual path when we stand at the threshold of serious commitment. Do we enter into the unknown mysteries of the deeper way or remain on the safe, known pathway. This process of going within is called "initiation" and the one who enters within is called the "initiate". This is a scary threshold to cross because no one can share the experience or explain it in advance.

Within the Celtic tradition, there have been people in every generation who have gone consenting to the threshold of initiation in order to learn from and be taught by the teachers who are no longer incarnate. It is they who have kept open the ways and been the mediators of the mysteries. Their commitment and avowal of intention to serve their spiritual tradition may have been hidden, arrived at in solitude and spiritual tradition may have been hidden, arrived at in solitude and struggle, but they have stretched out their hands to the ancestral teachers nonetheless and become the "twice-born" -- initiates who have been born anew into the life that is beyond physical existence.

The twice-born, like the Bards and Druids of old, access the help of spiritual guardians for whom time and space are no obstacle. Over many centuries, to the mundane eye, they have arisen and disappeared, quietly stating and living the ancient wisdoms. These courageous wisdom-keepers have in turn become teachers for the next generation of seekers.

So the old songs have become new; not only by studying and researching, but by crossing the boundary between the worlds and entering into direct, living relationship with the mysteries of the ancestral wisdom.

Which initiatory thresholds have you encountered in your life?

From the book, The Celtic Spirit - Daily Meditations for the Turning Year by Caitlin Matthews