Pathworking: The Healing Fire
& The Spring of Vision

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Pathworking: The Healing Fire

This ritual and pathworking are for healing. The ritual is general - the kind of energy balancing and cleansing that can apply to physical, mental and spiritual imbalances.

The pathworking is designed for individual or group use. It dovetails well with the ritual, and may be used as a centering exercise before the ritual proper begins, or during Cakes and Wine or its equivalent. The aim of the pathwork is to broaden our awareness of the societal barriers that prevent us from dealing effectively with HIV infection, and empowering ourselves to overcome these political and psychological barriers; but it can address any problem caused or exacerbated by social barriers.

For individual use, the pathwork's main elements can be committed to memory for review during the circle. For group use, one of the circle that is adept at leading pathwork and monitoring circle colleagues should read the ritual, embellishing as appropriate.


Ground and center according to personal practice. When you and any others doing the ritual with you are properly centered, take a chalice of water from the altar and place it in front of the participants. Pass a bowl of salt from hand to hand. As the bowl passes, each participant takes a pinch of salt and adds it to the water in the Chalice, visualizing the healing power of the earth released into the water. The following rune may be chanted:

By Stone and Sea, of ill be free.
By the Horns of Power, your strength I seal.
By the Mother of All, have power to heal!

The last person to mix salt with water in the Chalice dips their forefinger into the cup and marks the forehead of the person seated next to them, saying:

Be cleansed of all imbalances, all distractions, all confusion, all distress.
Be whole, that you may give wholeness.

Continue deosil around the Circle. When all are cleansed, consecrate a candle and incense on the altar to accompany the Earth (salt) and Water.

Then consecrate your sacred space and cast the Circle three times about. On the first pass, visualize blue flames springing up around the perimeter of the Circle to represent the cooling energy of the Ocean to soothe raging fevers and infection. On the second pass, visualize red flames springing up inside the blue - red for the life force and healthy blood. On the third pass, see the red and blue flames melding together into an intense violet, the color of the twilit sky, to seal the Circle. Then invoke the Watchtowers or Quarters, according to personal practice.

Invoke the Gods, per personal practice or with the following invocation:

Goddess of the Fire of Life, Lady of the Hearth, be with us.
Green One, Renewing One, be with us.
Mistress of Change, of the Healing Flame, be with us.
Lord of Lightning, Lord of the Rising Sun, be with us.
Healer, Gentle One, be with us.
God of the Forge, be with us.

On the altar is a red candle, a blue candle, a yellow candle, and as many plain white candles as there are participants in the Circle, all unlit. Anoint each of the colored candles with salt water from the Chalice, beginning at the bottom and tracing an invisible cord around the length of the candle, "sealing" it at the bottom and feeling the healing power of the water in the chalice filling the candle.

Replace them on the altar. Each person who brought a plain candle should seal the candle in the same way.

Perform a rune dance or other means for raising energy. Direct the resulting Cone of Power into the candles.

After raising power, once the participants are again centered, light the blue candle, saying:

Those diseased relax.
They are at peace as their own healing powers flow forth.
They are at peace.

Light the red candle, saying:

The fires in them are rekindled.
They are strong and vital.
Healthy blood flows through their veins.

Light the yellow candle, saying:

They are aware.
They see their whole selves in balance.
The sun within them shines through them
and shows them the way to live healthy lives.

Meditate with the flames as long as feels right. Feel their power radiating out through the Universe to those in need of healing, and returning even more powerful, undiminished. Thank the Gods for their aid in this ritual:

God of the Forge, we thank you.
Healer, Gentle One, we thank you.
Lord of Lightning, Lord of the Setting Sun, we thank you.
Mistress of Change, of the Healing Flame, we thank you.
Green One, Renewing One, we thank you.
Goddess of the Fire of Life, Lady of the Embers, we thank you.

From the colored candles, light your white candles, feeling them absorb the power of your ritual for healing. Salute each Quarter with the candle (beginning with the East), silently picturing the strength of each Quarter filling your candle. Return to the East and snuff out the candle, holding a mental image of lighting the candle and releasing healing energy for yourself or someone else whenever it is lighted again.

Thank and dismiss the Quarters, and close the Circle. Take a few moments to ground thoroughly and completely.

Pathworking: The Spring of Vision

Breathe deeply and relax thoroughly. Once prepared you may proceed with trance induction methods familiar to you. Once in trance, the pathwork may begin.

You find yourself walking a path through an evergreen forest. A soft carpet of fir and pine needles is underfoot, and the crisp, starry sky is above you where the branches part. You move at a natural pace through the forest, glimpsing from time to time the snowfields that crown the massive mountains surrounding this forest.

Ahead is a natural clearing among the trees. You see that from beneath the gnarled roots of the largest tree in the clearing there bubbles up a spring of fresh, clear water. You approach the spring, and you know its waters arise from the thawing of ice and snow in the mountains above you. You sit on the carpet of moss at the side of the spring and gaze upon the shimmering surface and down into its cold, pure depths. The reflections of starlight on the water dance and shift, and you feel yourself calling up hidden images from the welling spring.

The spring slowly begins to form visions for you, as veils of shadow rise from beneath the surface. You see more and more clearly a line of people, from every walk of life. One by one their faces float to the surface. Politicians are here, and doctors, police, teachers, friends, relatives. In the vision, you see that their eyes are closed and they have been going about their lives without clear vision. You reach out to each one and, with clear water from the spring, you anoint their eyes, one by one. You know that as they receive your touch that the magick of these pure waters will wash away their prejudice, their fear, and their misunderstandings. You see their eyes open, one by one, and see the dawn of realization upon their faces. You know that when they next awaken to reality that they will have a clearer vision, a new inspiration, and deeper compassion. Look deeply into the eyes of each person you anoint, and see the seed of understanding that quickens within them with the blessing of the fresh water.

There are many people within the depths of the spring, and many come to you. The task seems daunting; there are too many for you to work with. Yet just as your strength seems spent, new energy flows into you from the spring, and you see the hundreds of other Witches working with you to reach them. You feel the thread of connection to these other healers. Together you know that all those who wait in the depths of the spring will be touched. Renewed in mind and spirit, you continue to open the eyes and minds that come to you....

Eventually the tide of waiting images slows, and is depleted. They have returned from whence they came, changed and renewed. Yet, as you look still upon the surface of the forest spring, there is one image left that awaits your blessing. You see your own reflection before you. As you have done with all the others, so do you now anoint yourself. The chill of pure water tingles on your skin and when you open your eyes again you feel reinvigorated, your purpose renewed, your own vision cleared. You thank the spirits of that sacred place, and when you are ready you return along the forest path from which you came.

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