Imbolc Ceremony

from the Grove of the Oaken Staves (OMS/RDG)

Ritual Leader: Mareth
Kindred Caller: Mike
Firekeeper: Sara
Waterkeepe: Sara
Outdweller Caller
Candleperson: John
Water Blessing: Kelly

Sound the drum 9 times to signify the beginning of the rite.

Statement of Purpose and Precedent

Ritual Leader: Mareth

We are here today to celebrate what the ancient Celts considered the beginning
of Spring. In Gaelic it was called Imbolc (pronounced “im-molk”) and it was held when their sheep began to lamb. They honored Brighid at this time, a Celtic Goddess of healing, the home fires and divine inspiration.

Walk in procession led by John to the ritual circle. Align ourselves around the four quarters: North-Earth, East-Air, South-Fire, West-Water.

Casting the circle: Sara

Opening Song

The Spring will come again (To the Tune of "The Farmer in the Dell")


The spring will come again
The spring will come again
Birds sing and flowers bloom
The spring will come again



We cleanse this holy place with fire! (Firekeeper walks around the circle with


We cleanse ourselves with water! (Waterkeeper walks around and splashes
participants with water)

(Candle Carrier follows with candles in basket, each person/family takes a candle)

Creating the Sacred Center

Each of us should have a candle and we should now place them on our altar for

(Fire Keeper lights candles)

May these candles honor Brigit
and bring healing into our lives
as well as those close to us.

The heat, the spark, the name,
The hearth, the forge, the flame

The ocean, the rain, the snow
The source, the spring, the flow

The flower, the fruit, the mead
The forest, the leaf, the seed.

We honor the fire that warms and protects us
We honor the water that we drink
We honor the trees that shelter us, connecting us to all.

Grove Meditation

Everybody take a deep breath and close your eyes
Think about the birds, and the trees, and the bees
They are all part of the earth
And we are all part of the earth
We are all connected

Earth Mother

We are all connected to the Earth. She is the mother of all life, on this planet. On this day where we celebrate the coming of spring, take this birdseed and give it to the birds and animals near your home in honor of the gifts the earth gives us every day.

Opening of Gates: Mike

Warmth of Fire that forged us
Song of Wisdom that inspires us
Flow of Sacred Water that heals us
Streams holding nine hazelnuts,
We ask Brighid for her presence, guidance and protection in our rite

Brighid, Bless and guard all those here today who worship you
Whether in their home or traveling
Whether alone or with others
Whether engaged in your work, or going about their daily routines

Growth Offering: John

As the plants sacrificed seeds last fall for growth this spring, so must we sacrifice that which holds us back, so we too may grow in the future.

Go around the circle and have each person say:

I am _____ and I am connected to the Earth

Nothing is all good or all bad, including people. We all have things that we don't like about ourselves or others. We acknowledge the negative in the world and in ourselves, and make this offering to the fire so that we will not be troubled by these things within this sacred space. Imagine this sacrifice is magnetic and sticky. Think now about something you wish to let go. Allow this to flow towards and stick to the sacrifice.

As the firekeeper makes the sacrifice, visualize the flames consuming and transforming what each of you individually put into the sacrifice, freeing you from it.

(Firekeeper takes the Items and sacrifices them to the fire)

The Kindred Offerings

Kindred Caller: Mike

Nature Spirits!
Gods and Goddesses of Old!
Kindred, we welcome you!


Kindred! We welcome you!

Kindred Caller: Mike

Goddess of Healing and Inspiration
Goddess of Midwifery and the Hearth Arts
Goddess of the Forge and Flame


Brighid! We honor you!

Bardic Tale of Brighid
(To be written)

Main/Praise Offering

Ritual Leader: Mareth

In some traditions, hazelnuts bring or symbolize wisdom, creativity or intuition. So today, we will each make an offering of hazelnuts. As the basket comes around, take a few for your offering and concentrate for a moment on ~~ Bright New Beginning ~~.Concentrate on how this would change your life and the lives of those you love.

**Pass around basket of hazelnuts**John

Each of us now will have a turn to offer praise or thanks to the deity, patron or Sacred Power of their choice in whatever manner fits their own path. This can be done aloud or silently.

You may also take this time to make a request for either yourself or someone else. This can be a request for anything, such as for healing, guidance or inspiration. Again, this can be done aloud or silently.

Offer the hazelnuts to the flames when you are finished so the next person knows when it is their turn. I will begin and we will go clockwise.


Ritual Leader:

At each ritual, we will ask for an omen, which is a sign from the Gods about how our ritual has been received. We will each draw a personal omen, which is a sign for you in your own life. It is up to you to interpret how this omen is to be interpreted. As the bag comes around, close your eyes and pick a stone. After everyone has chosen a stone, we will draw the omen for the ritual and interpret the meaning together.

Blessing the Water

Water Blesser: Kelly

As we have given, so let us receive
We open ourselves to the Waters of Life
And drink in the blessings of the gods


Give us the Waters of Life!

(Water Blesser walks around the circle and gives each person some water, giving a small blessing)

Blessing The Candles

Ritual Leaders: Mareth

These candles have been burning throughout our ritual, infused with healing and blessings of the Gods, the Kindred, and the working of our Fellowship. Take a candle home with you, and allow it to continue to burn to its end, connecting Grove hearth to your Home hearth. Fellowship flame to Home flame. Fellowship Blessing to Home Blessing. Carrying the power, love and magic from this sacred grove into your everyday life.

Ritual Leader: Mareth

Our Kindred share their presence and blessings in our rite today!


Kindred, we thank you!

Ritual Leader: Mareth:

As we prepare to end this rite and leave this sacred space,
may Brighid protect us and Peace guide us.


The spring will come again
The spring will come again
Birds sing and flowers bloom
The spring will come again

Drummer beat the drum three times to signal the end of our rite.