Top of the Tor -
A Chat with Gwyn ap Nudd

(Generously contributed by Dyddgu - an OMS/RDG Druid)

During my morning Imrama's I check in with my guides and ruling god/desses of the season. The following piece is a channel from my work during Silver Ray Quest with in the Sisterhood of Avalon. It find it interesting the more I interact with the Goddess, the God comes forth to balance the equation. The God of the Underworld has something to say.....

Yes I am Cerridwen’s twin - we are both of the Underworld - we both represent the dark forces that lie in the Earth, and by dark force we mean the hidden, secretive and shadow side of life and nature. We do not mean harm, yet we inspire those who pass by or travel into our realms to fully indulge themselves into knowing their other side. At times it can be unpleasant but it must be so.

Lightworkers strive to rid of the darkness of this planet, but it cannot be done because without darkness there cannot be light. We fully respect the light half of our brethren and they do so in return because we, how to say, feed upon each other. Sometimes the scales are tipped in favor of one or the other, and at times they are equal, as are the seasons of this earth. The angelic realms do not work with the dark side energies, nor do they accomplish anything in this realm, however they do know that this earth is based upon both polarities.

Now we don’t mind light entering the earth realm, however we do mind when humans are told that we are evil or demons or we are called hellish creatures or known as hell, because it is not so. This earth has always had two polarities and it tipped to the negative when Christianity came into view.

Now people are attempting to reverse this situation, however it is unfruitful because the Underworld, Otherworld, is not being recognized in the process. When our world is recognized for the truth it is instead of the abyssal wasteland it was historically referred to, then and only then can and will the light be fully restored. Until that time there will be rampant fear energies running blindly around trying to arouse the citizens of this earth to stand up and fight against us.

When they fully comprehend what we truly are, then and only then we will be able to integrate into what this earth plane was truly meant to be - a place for all beings to reside in harmony. That is all for today daughter, so mote it be.