Seasonal Almanac

Today is 51 Geimredh, the eve of Imbolc, or February 1, 2009 CE.

It is the 1st the day of the Season of Earrach, and the1st day of the month of Mi na hOimelc, in the 3rd Year of the Gaian Reform, and the 3rd Year of the 2nd Age of the Reformed Druids.

It is the Druidic Day of the Birch.

FULL MOONS will occur on 9 Earrach, 40 Earrach, and 69 Earrach.

Mwfydnfud observed -- 14 Earrach.

The Sun enters Pisces on 18 Earrach.

Honorary Reformed Druid and environmental hero, Julia Butterfly Hill was born 18 Earrach BGR 31.

NEW MOONS will occur on 25 Earrach, 55 Earrach and 85 Earrach.

Me·n Earrach (March) begins on 30 Earrach (a Sunday - Dydd Sul -- Day of the Birch)

Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00 AM on 37 Earrach (March 8th)

Honorary Reformed Druid and filk-Bard Leslie Fish was born on 39 Earrach. She is the author of OMS' official hymn, "Sequoia Sempervirons."

Order of the Mithril Star was conceived by Elrond d'Arsenault and Adam Walks Between Worlds on 44 Earrach BGR 09, at Big Basin Redwoods State Park (Boulder Creek California).

Ostara / Alban Eiler, or the Spring Equinox occurs on 48 Earrach.

The Sun enters Aries on 48 Earrach.

"Bring Back the Snakes Day" observed, 50 Earrach.

Deireadh Earraigh (April) begins on 61 Earrach (a Wednesday - Dydd Mercher -- Day of the Hazel).

The Sun enters Taurus on 78 Earrach.

Earth Day is observed on 81 Earrach.

The Festival of Beltane, Calen Mai, begins at Sunset on 90 Earrach (April 30th)

The Season of Samradh, the first day of MÌ na Beltaine, 1 Samradh YGR 03.

Note: Druidic days begin and end at Sunset.