Invocation to Lugh

Shining Lugh of the Long Arm

Keeper of the Fiery Spear of Gorias

I salute you and recognize your power of Warriorhood.

Assist me.

Teach me, if you will, all that I need to know

Of the Ash,

Of Spears, and my own ability to go forth and destroy inertia

And bring new peace where it is needed.

Charge my Staff with these properties.

Let it become a symbol of your Fiery Spear.

Let me, too, be known as (insert your name) of the Long Arm.

Teach me to recognize and control the Warrior within me.

Teach me to recognize my true strength and energy

In this world and in the Otherworld.

~~ Source Unknown ~~

*Title image from a poster by Mickie Mueller*
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