The Sun of Lughnasadh

Generously contributed by OMS/RDG member Phagos

I found myself in fog,
Totally surrounded,
To the point where
I knew the sea lay before me
And the shore,
That wooded shore,
Waited behind me,
Yet I found myself between
These two diverse worlds

Manannan Mac Lír called to me -
I heard him call me closer to the shore:
“Step into the sea
“And I await you
“Step into the waves
“And I will give you fins
“Where arms once held you down
“Step into the sky
“Just past the horizon
“And all your questions will be

I looked to the waves,
But they were nowhere to be found;
I looked for the ocean,
Just calling my name
But like a cipher,
It was hidden,
Just out of grasp,
Just out of focus,
Teasing me with sounds
And feelings
Just out of reach

And then the shore called me –
It called me closer to safety
And closer to where I had just been:
“Return to the woods here,
“Firm underfoot
“Under the trees
“Where the Gods meant you to be
“Feel the earth beneath you
“Walk in the pathways
“Traveled so often, before.”

I looked to that shore
Still hidden by fog
And obscurity
And knew that the way there
Was always assured
But the call of the Oak
And the call of the Apple
Did not sufficiently convince me
To turn back away

So there I stood,
Between the worlds,
Between the walls of fog
And illusion
And uncertainty;
I just stood and blended:
Head and face to the sky,
Torso, arms, and legs
To all points in common;
Feet firmly planted in the ubiquitous

I closed my eyes,
And I became the fog;
I closed my eyes,
And I became the song of the shore;
I closed my eyes,
And suspended my existence,
A sacrifice to the sun and the shore

Bright Sun of Lughnasadh,
You came to the fog
And vanquished it
Like a formidable opponent
Sweeping it from the
Lay of the land
The greater your intent
The quicker the fog became lighter
And lighter
Till with a breeze
And a single penetrating beam
Of light.

The day was a clear as it was
Meant to be:
Blue for the sky,
Movement for the ocean
I opened my eyes,
And your smile awaited me,
Chest deep in the waters
Rushing towards the shore
I tasted all of life
In the salt of the air,
In the salt of the sea,
In the calling of the day

I turned slowly and you
And you laughed:
A sound at home in the sea
And at home in my heart
We grew like reeds in the waters
Of remembrance
I reached out to you
And we were as we were meant to be
With the Sun of Lughnasadh
As the rule of the day

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