Inner Planes Initiation

The Horns they gleam above the Gate
The crescent Moon shines through;
Stone Sentinel who doth guard the Way
Is wreathed in mists and dew.

Green-White the Key to open wide
The Path that some may tread;
White blossoms – faded on their brow,
Hearts filled with hope – and dread.

Both Cup and Wand their part must play,
Bound in a Sacred Net;
Five points the Star enclosing all,
Ere long – the Moon must set.

Who will pace the Perilous Trod
That leads by thin hairs-breadth,
To all a heart is yearning for,
Or perhaps to certain death?

But those who know the Signs and Keys,
Who travel without fear,
Will find the Path leads only
To all that they hold dear.

The Horns and Moon will bind their brows,
Glass Door will open wide,
All Mysteries are theirs to hold
Enchanted by their Vows.

No Guardian will bar the Way,
No Watcher say them “No”;
Antler and Hoof will bear them up,
On Old Ones Wain they’ll go.

But faint of heart will not assay,
However great the guise,
For they will never find the Way,
Nor ever wrest the Prize.

~~ From Celtic Lore and Druidic Ritual by Rhiannon Ryall ~~