Mabon Meditation

Generously contributed by Jacqueline Greer
(Member of the Clan of the Triple Horses, RDG)

Shining Goddess Demeter, fertile one:

As you mourned Kore’s descent into the underworld, raging against her fate, we too often rage against the circumstances the Universe sends us, like children in the throes of temper tantrums. We feel opportunity will never come; we feel happiness is lost to us.

We are blind.

Tonight we open our eyes. We give thanks for the blessings around us as we journey through each day. We rise in the morning to greet the Sun Father in his shining glory. Many cannot rise, and many cannot see. We struggle to earn our daily bread. Many will starve before the Sun King completes His daily path. We go home to contemplate the Lady of the Night as she rises and watches over our rest. Many have no place to rest.

Tonight we open our eyes. We look around us and fall on our knees in thanks for Thy bounty, the rich milk from the Breast of our Mother and the sweet, juicy fruit of Her womb. We give thanks for the guidance that is there if we stop long enough to understand. We give thanks for the hearts united with ours, searching with ours, loving with ours, crying with ours, rejoicing with ours. We give thanks for the guidance of our Ancestors and friends who have passed over yet reach through the ever-thinning veil to help and love us.

We open our eyes yet prepare to close them. We close them to the hurts and fears that have burdened us on this turn of the Wheel. We release them as the trees release their leaves, and are shocked to see the vibrant colors born of blood and tears. We release them, then fall on the Mother’s Breast to rest with Her, to be healed with Her, to contemplate with Her the coming joy of rebirth.

At Mabon we release our darkness. At Mabon we let it all burn. At Mabon the old year is waning. At Mabon the Wheel it has turned.

So Mote it Be!