Dispatches from RDG's
Autonomous Collectives

Medford, OR:
The warrior's spirit waits within each of us, eager to free us of fears and self-imposed limitations.

Clan of the Triple Horses Grove, invites our community to join us in a Lughnassadh celebration honoring our Warrior spirit and invoking Cuchulainn, known as the Hound of Ulster, and Boudica, Queen of the Icini, to guide us toward strength, focus and clarity.

Join our Grove in celebrating Lughnassadh, the turning point in Mother Earth's year-wheel when She begins to offer up the bounty of Her harvest. Our ritual will begin at 11 a.m. Sunday, August 24, 2008, at the outdoor firepit at the residence of our Grove Founder and Senior Druid.

Everyone is welcome to gather beginning at 10 a.m. for preparation, grounding and centering.

Please bring a praise offering to honor these Shining Ones during our ritual and a snack to share after our celebration. Ritual robes are optional.

For exact location and any questions please feel free to contact us at:
triplehorses@gmail.com or call (541) 621 4659.


Eureka, CA:
The RDG Mother Grove has mostly been up to its ears in planning this year’s Gathering, so there really isn’t all that much to report.

We have some new candidates for membership waiting in the wings here locally, and we expect to be initiating a new 2nd degree member here in within the next week.

We’re sad to report that our sister Grove and co-sponsor to the north (Triple Horses Grove) will not be joining us at the Gathering this year, citing high gas costs and other economic concerns. We’ll be sending them a jolt of Reiki when we come together for the healing circle part of Saturday night’s formal ritual!

We are looking forward to meeting some new people who registered for the Gathering, as well as seeing our many dear friends and members.

In Gaia,
Ceridwen & El
Past & Present AD's


Colorado Springs, CO:
It has been a very rewarding Samradh this year for our grove. We have been meeting on a regular basis twice month covering Celtic Material for our growth. Our Grove has 8 members in the Inner Ring, with 30 members on the Meet-up network.Our Calan Mai, Alban Heruin rituals for 2008 were absolutely wonderful! We recently had our Gwyl Awst Ritual Monday July 28th whereas our focus was on the Reaffirmation of the Tribe. We had a scrumptious array of home baked breads with fine mead to celebrate this festival.

On September 22, 2008, at Helen Hunt Falls, North Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs, CO, Time-6 PM We will be gathering to celebrate the turning of the wheel once more. This night we will prepare for the coming Triumph of Darkness and close the year with a Community Feast. This ritual also closes our outdoor grove site for the year. We look forward to returning again On Alban Eiler 2009.

Officiating the Alban Elved Ritual will be Arch Druid Dyddgu & Seanchai T'Chris.

nt-Arch Druid Dyddgu /|\


Philadelphia, PA:
Currently meeting in the lush emerald woods of Fairmount Park in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection (commonly know as Philadelphia), Aelvenstar Grove honors Mother Earth. The grove was formally founded Beltaine, 2004 and is a proto grove of the Reformed Druids of Gaia/Order of the Mithril Star and the Reformed Druids Of North America. In addition, we are associated with other pagan organizations such as Per NTR Sesen and Temple Harakhte.

Looking to our ancestors and the ancients, Aelvenstar Druids respect all life and receive inspiration from Nature and the heavens. We believe it is the natural state of Mankind to live in harmony with Nature. and that it is our responsibility to respect and protect the Earth. As activists, it is our responsibility to do our part collectively and individually to heal the environment.

Emphasizing development through the practice of Druidcraft, focus is placed upon personal growth through the development of body, mind, and spirit. Through study, discussions, rituals, retreats, fellowship, and meditation, a spiritual framework is provided through which Druids may further develop themselves.

Aelvenstar Grove holds eight celebrations a year, on the solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter festivals. We sometimes meet on other occasions for outings and initiations. Online meetings and initiations are held too, as some members live a distance away.

We welcome new members of all backgrounds who love nature and seek spirituality permeated in the divine beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Nature is groovy!

Courses available: Reformed Druidism 101

Website: http://www.aelvenstargrove.org
Email: aelvenstargrove@yahoo.com

For more information about Reformed Druidism, visit http://rdg.mithrilstar.org

Grove of the Oaken Staves

Middleburg, FL:
No new news at this time...

Penda, Archdruid

White Horse Protogrove

Live Oak , FL:
Another of our newly formed Protogroves - Florida is sure becoming a popular place for Druids! More news on this group as it progresses...

Contact: ShadoStr13@yahoo.com

Wilverly Raven Grove

New Milton, Hampshire, UK:
The grove has met for ritual three times since you last heard from us. The first of these moots was on Sunday 27th April (Ostara 27 in the Asatru calendar, Deareadh Earraigh 27 in the OMS calendar) and was for the Festival of Beltane. Five Druids met to celebrate and instead of Beltane we, a predominantly Asatru Grove, celebrated Walpurgisnacht. The ceremony was preceded by a litter pick. (We collected three bags of rubbish that thoughtless idiots had left behind)

The ritual consisted of a short OMS "Rite Lite", in honour of the Celtic festival, which was then followed by a full Odinic Sacrifice to Thor and Sif that they might bless the land with fertility in the lead up to midsummer.

Our second moot was for midsummer itself and this time four of us abandoned the normal grove setting and instead travelled the 30 or so miles to the Temple at Stonehenge. There we were joined by 25,000 other Pagans as we stayed up all night to greet the midsummer sun. It was, as always, an awesome occasion.

The final rite that I am empowered to report on for this issue was our Lughnassadh/Odinist Martyrs’ Day Ritual. This attracted seven Druids (and four dogs!) and was held (a week earlier than usual due to family holidays). We meet on Friday 25th July (OMS - Dearead Samhraidh 27, Asatru – Haymoon 27) at 1730 in the evening. It was a beautiful summers evening and very hot but the lovely old Beech Trees of our Grove shielded us from the worst of Balder’s heat. Though sadly they did not protect us from the bugs! After the Rite we retired to our favourite Inn and shared a good few pints of old English ale.

Until the next time, hail the folk!

Derfel Odinsson

Roots Rocks and Stars
RDG "Proto-Grove"

Albany, OR:
Roots Rocks and Stars currently consists of three humans and two canine companions. We people are all college students, one in natural resources, one in Literature, and one in history. We live together in a small apartment in Corvallis Oregon's north end. We are all ethnically descended from British Isle and French folks (some Native Canadian/American ancestry as well) and this colors our rituals. We are primarily dedicated to Cernunnos, Epona, Brigid, and Cerridwen but actually tend toward an abiding devotion to nature and spirit without too much investment in names and images. Our rituals tend to involve home-cooking and plenty of beer.

Contact: juliecolibri@aol.com

No news this season from:

San Marcos, TX USA
RDG "Proto-Grove"

Thorn & Rose
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

RDG "Proto-Grove"