Astrology for Pagans

On an extended break from teaching group classes,
Ceridwen is still offering PRIVATE TUTORING sessions!
Here are the details:

1. She will send you your chart and many other pertinent tables for use in the lessons, and she will set up a private database for you. You will receive a link to a "Lessons 101" page on her website, where she will upload each lesson as you are ready for it. There is homework and a midterm and final exam for each complete session, which you will complete and send to her by email.

2. Your homework is graded and your questions are answered as they come up - lots of personal attention, as you need it. Private Tutoring is based on YOUR schedule and speed of learning, and you can take breaks whenever "life" gets in the way...then you can take up where you left off when you are ready to return to your studies...

3. These classes are VERY EXTENSIVE - much like a college course - with a LOT of material and visual aids contained within the lessons.

4. There are 3 levels of study: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced...

Class Syllabus 101

Class Syllabus 201

Class Syllabus 301

You will learn:

  • All the components that make up a chart (Planets, Signs, Houses & Aspects)
  • Your strengths, potentials, obstacles and challenges
  • Meanings of the 28 Moon phases and their planetary rulers
  • How to see the "larger picture" of your life purpose and lessons
  • The cycles of your life (transiting planets) and how to use them to make informed decisions and choices that will be in alignment with your higher purpose
  • How to use the planetary energies in ritual for growth and transformation
  • How you relate to the significant people in your life

5. The fees for the private tutoring sessions are as follows:

Beginning Session: $50

Intermediate Session: $75

Advanced Session: $100

She will provide a PayPal link (for credit cards or e-checks)...or if you don't use online electronic payments, she can receive checks or money orders.

6. To her knowledge, she is possibly the only one who teaches an extensive college-like course in Astrology that is completely INTERACTIVE with a LIVE Professional Astrologer (much info is available online, but you usually don't get to ask questions of the authors or teachers)...

7. Plus this is Astrology geared specifically toward Pagans...she is the Former Arch-Druid of OMS/RDG and Cylch Cerddwyr Rhwng y Bydoedd Grove...

If you wish to take advantage of these classes, or need more information about them, send an email to: Ceridwen Subject line: AstroPagan Private Tutoring


If you are interested in a PRIVATE CONSULTATION about your Astrological chart, please visit her home page at:

Ceridwen has over 30 years of experience with Astrology and Paganism, and her approach to teaching and interpreting charts is intuitive, psychological, spiritual, magickal and logical. She will show that this process uses "both sides of the brain" - which is why Astrology is referred to as both an Art and a Science.