Meditations on the
7-Pointed Star of Druidism
Seren Derwydd Series
Part 4: Wmbredd - Abundance

Ed. by OMS Patriarch El Arseneau

As we have discussed, the attributes of a mature Druid are seven-fold:

Point #1: Doethiweb – Wisdom
Point #2: Eluseugan - - Compassion
Point #3: Rhyddfrydwr – Liberalness
Point #4: Wmbredd – Abundance
Point #5: Ymnellltuaeth – Noncomformity
Point #6: Dysg – Learning
Point #7: Delfrydwr – Idealism

Last time we discussed Rhyddfrydwr, or Liberalness. One of the primary attributes of Liberalness is the principle of sharing. In the Kabballah, it is taught that sharing is the attribute that makes us most like Beal. That opens the door to our 4th point, which is Wmbredd – Abundance.

When we give of ourselves, we receive. The more we give of ourselves the more we receive. This is a universal law of metaphysics, and there are whole courses of study devoted to teaching this principle. But the simplest explanation is that sharing is the key to abundance. Now, abundance isn’t just about material goods, or money, or how big a house or car you own. In fact, the acquisition of the material is only a side benefit, because Beal takes care of those who work for the Light. Beal enables us to give of ourselves, to share, and sets of the cycle of sharing and receiving, sharing and receiving etc.


Most metaphysical texts use the phrase “The Universe.” By this they mean the same thing as “The Force,” “The Source,” “Universal Life Force,” “Reiki,” “God,” “Goddess,” and some Kabbalahists may say “The Creator,” Those of us who realize our own Godness know that they are referring to what we call “God” (as in “Thou art God”) which we Druids we refer to as “Beal” or sometimes “The Earth Mother,” and we know that in speaking of any of the above we are really speaking of ourselves.

The Earth Mother gives of herself constantly and continuously. She creates the oxygen we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and from which we receive life. In fact, her main function is to share herself with us and with the creatures and plants and other life that lives on her. We in turn, as integrated parts of her eco-system, give of ourselves, in producing the carbon dioxide that plant life needs to breathe, in cultivating the crops, taking care of the animals and being general stewards of the environment.

So you easily see the cycle: the Earth Mother, the Universe, shares with us, we in turn share back, and this creates the cycle of sharing and abundance, which in turn enables us to share ever more, especially with our families, our tribes, our Groves and fellow Druids and with those less fortunate than ourselves - the victims of capitalism.

There are lots of ways to share our abundance. Mothers, of course, do this every day with their families, as do fathers. We share ourselves in the workplace as well, especially when we do our work well and go the extra mile, doing things that aren’t really expected of us, that aren’t in our “job description.” We can also do volunteer work for the myriad charities that beg for our help and our donations. It doesn’t hurt to throw a dollar or two at the guy on the corner with the cardboard sign.

This is why I have said over and over again that the political view of Libertarianism is anethema to Druidism. Libertarianism is grounded in the teachings of Ayn Rand, author of “The Virtue of Selfishness.” Ayn believed that altruism, giving of yourself to others, was a stupid way of life. She died famous and rich, but also alone and miserable. Worse, though, she left a legacy of selfishness, that many in our society have embraced to the detriment of not just our society (and as we have seen of late, our economy) but to the Earth Mother as well.

Every time we share, we are drawn closer to Beal, and Beal is drawn - attracted - to us. The more we share the more others will share with us. And that is the key to abundance and to living the abundant life.

The ultimate in sharing, and thus the ultimate key to abundance, is to teach sharing. As Druids, we are “clergy at large to the Pagan community.” As such we enjoy a “bully pulpit,” and people listen to us and will learn from us. This is true of our teaching, but also of the example we make. By teaching that people need to share, we are teaching them how to get closer to Beal (and the self-realization of their own Godness), and we are opening the doors to abundance in their own lives, and increasing the openings for abundance in our own.

Do you see that each point of the star is interconnected to and builds upon the others? As we move further around the star, we shall learn even more.

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