Tools of a Kitchen Witch

BLENDER : Mingling with others, Stirring up energy

COOKBOOK : Book of Shadows, Excellence, Virtue

COOKIE TIN : Sweet things in life, Pleasure

CRISPER : Invigoration and Restoration

CUPBOARDS : Savings, Supplies, Providence

DISH TOWEL : Stricture, Determined precision

DISHWASHER : Leisure, The Water Element, Convenience

DRAIN : Troubles, Burdens, Bad habits

DRAWERS : Hidden matters, Material goods

FOOD WRAP : Prudence, Conservation, Control, Secrets

FORK : Piercing, Penetrating, Perception

FUNNEL : Flow, Unhindered order, Coaxing energy along

KNIFE : Cutting away, Sharpness of mind, Separation

MEASURING CUP : Evaluation, Allotment, Caution

MICROWAVE : Acceleration, Legal expedition

OVEN : Passion, Fertility, Fire Element

OVEN BURNERS : The Four Directions/Elements

OVEN FAN : The Air Element, Movement, Clearing vision

PITCHER : Abundance, Invigoration, Refreshment

REFRIGERATOR : Cooling temper, Preservation, Protection

ROLLING PIN : Discipline, Moderation, Control

SIFTER : Sorting out confusion, Organization, Filtering negativity

SPATULA : Sensibility, Recycling, Changing directions

STEAMER : Slow processes, Even temperament

TEA KETTLE : Divination, Alertness, Kinship, Health

THERMOMETER : Observations Skills, Analysis

WHISK : Excitement, Increasing bounty

WINDOW : Winds of change, Refreshment, Vital energy

~~ Patrica Telesco, "A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook" ~~