Legitimacy of Religion,
Druidic History & Discordianism

This essay is from a member Druid of the Reformed Druids of Gaia - musing about the first lesson of our curriculum...

(Feel free to quote it, just please keep my name attached.
My muse is flattered. Never thirst, Willow CrowAngel)

First off, the most powerful and legitimate religion for a person is the one that speaks to their heart, stirs their souls, and makes them want to be a better person. It doesn't matter is that religion has a lineage that can be traced back to Merlin, came from a fiction book, or was made up this morning while watching the sun rise. What matters is that it fits the above requirements. I know of plenty of religions that do nothing for its members.

I will admit that I've read some things that have become part of my religion from books. For example, my image of the astral is very much like how Marion Zimmer Bradley describes the Overworld and Laren in her Darkover novels. My concepts of polyamory come from Stranger In a Strange Land. They are definitions of concepts; if by using a book image I can understand and explain some sticky concept of metaphysics, then bully for me.

All too often, in paganism, people get caught up on the idea that something needs a long history and teachers need credentials out their didgeridoo. Some of the best teachers are those who teach from their hearts; they share knowledge because they feel that by sharing what they know they will make the world better. The best teachers also learn as much as they teach.

How does all this relate to Druidic history? Well, history is speculation and PR. The accounts of what happened that far in the past were written by people who were not part of the culture. Tacitus, for all his historical records, was pretty much a "tabloid" writer. I've read several of his accounts of different cultures he visited and several versions of his biography. He needed to "sell" copies of his travel logs to make a living and to keep his government post. We don't have personal journals of the ancient Celtic people to look at, Sorry, Don Druid's personal BOS didn't make it down through history because it was all in his memory. Don Druid's BOS is part of the soil of Great Britain by now.

What has come down through history is the concept of Druid, in touch with the Universe, always seeking knowledge, wise, etc. Those are the concepts, I for one hope, are recreated in modern druidism. Those are concepts I hope to recreate within myself. Those are concepts that attracted me to the character of Valentine Michael Smith.

Which brings me to Discordianism. Sorry, no segue and no rhyme. Life is serious enough without me having to be serious all the time. I love the idea of Discordianism. And truthfully, I believe the Universe has a sense of humor. I've often found that with the coven I work with, when life gets too serious, the gods find a way to make us laugh. I believe life is full of mirth. Let others be super serious all the time – I enjoy laughing with the Universe. Mirth is healing, mirth is enlightening – mirth is one of the great Mysteries. Being able to smile in the center of chaos is a sign of an enlightened person.

Enough rambling for now. Those are my thoughts on the first lesson and on the recent discussions.

Never Thirst,
Willow CrowAngel