The Earth Spoke

Generously contributed by
OMS/RDG Druid Phagos

The earth spoke,
As an oracle
In a language
Known only
To the stars
And the wind

It spoke,
And the animals listened,
It sang,
And the trees whispered along,
It dreamed,
And the stones just waited
It watched,
And the sky turned,
From pink to blue to red
It sighed,
And the wind rushed from
One end of the Earth
To the next
In obeisance
It thought,
And the stars twinkled above

The animals paused,
Ears cocked,
Eyes trained on the source of the sound;

The trees mimicked,
Each leaf,
Each branch
Repeated the call;
The stones breathed slowly,
Waiting for their next prompt
To motion;
The sky glowed,
With a message,
Encoded in hues;
The wind heard and understood,
Pondered the oracle,
And went on its way;
The stars saw the message as light,
And the responded in kind

And such is the Way:
The earth speaks,
The wind listens,
The stars shine,

The natural order feels,
And man continues on,

©The Ogmic Press
All Rights Reserved