Samhain Meditation 2009

Generously contributed by
Jackie Greer of the Clan of the Triple Horses

The trees are a riot of color in Southern Oregon. The Earth’s Mother’s cloak rivals Joseph’s Biblical coat with reds and yellows and oranges beyond words to describe.

My eyes fill with tears at Her glory. I am desperate to hold onto it another moment, another day, another week, but the colors will pass too soon into nothing but photos. I stare, saturating my mind and heart with color against the days that will come too soon when I will see nothing but grey and bare branches and ache for color and light.

As Earth Mother pours the last of Her heart’s blood into Her Sacred trees, so I am pouring the last of my energy into completing the projects I began during the Season of Growth. Will I ever complete them? The urgency to complete, to conclude, exhausts me, but the colors revive me and I can go on one more day.

The Ancestors draw near, calling from the other side of the Veil with ever-growing clarity, and the chorus of their voices adds to the cacophony until my heart and mind are ready to burst.

The season of rest cannot come soon enough for any of us who bridge the worlds—between mundane work and sacred solitary moments, between our beloved Ancestors and our current family, between household chores and time at our altars with the Shining Ones.

Samhain’s message, the message of the Celtic New Year, is that it’s time to let go. It’s time to offer this year, what we manifested, what we failed to manifest, its joys, tears, births, deaths, in sacrifice to our patron Deities, to be stored in the Akashic Records and in our hearts and memories. Whether it was “good” or “bad,” clinging to it would leave no room for the newborn Sun King whose Light will spark the Sun again in just a few weeks.

With that done we can enter the rest we crave in the Earth Mother’s womb. Only in Her depths can we renew ourselves and be ready to grow again with the newborn Sun. We leave work behind and within ourselves we find our souls again.

This Samhain, I thought it appropriate to make a few resolutions as my last act before “retiring” for the season of darkness. Why not? It is the New Year after all!

I resolve to find moments, even if they are literally moments, to meet the Shining Ones outdoors, on a walk, even by just stepping out into my yard with an offering.

I resolve to seek guidance daily from those on the other side of the Veil who yearn to walk my path with me, illuminate its pitfalls with their wisdom and hold me up when I don’t feel I can take another step.

I resolve to cherish those on this side of the Veil, to put work aside to spend precious time with them while I can still laugh with them, cry with them, hug them, or just look at them. I resolve to let them know I care.

With my Boxer Familiar Mosely, I resolve to strengthen our psychic bond. He has so much to say and so often I’m too distracted to listen.

I resolve to care for my body, to give it the rest it needs, the exercise it needs and the food it needs.

Even more I resolve to care for my soul and to take time to listen to my heart, shutting out the world’s clamor for even a few brief moments every day.

I resolve to fall on my knees daily in gratitude to the Shining Ones for all they have given me!