Meditations on the
7-Pointed Star of Druidism
Seren Derwydd Series
Some Final Thoughts

by OMS Patriarch Sybok Pendderwydd

We look at the Seren Derwydd for inspiration, it's seven shining points reflected in each Druid as seven attributes, or characteristics, of our office:

Point #1: Doethiweb – Wisdom
Point #2: Eluseugan - - Compassion
Point #3: Rhyddfrydwr – Liberalness
Point #4: Wmbredd – Abundance
Point #5: Ymnellltuaeth – Nonconformity
Point #6: Dysg – Learning
Point #7: Delfrydwr – Idealism

Each point, as we have seen, dovetails into the next. Wisdom naturally leads one to compassion, because wisdom illuminates our "Be'al nature" - the recognition that our individuality and separateness are an illusion. Compassion then is the recognition that helping another is helping yourself. To be compassionate is to be liberal, and I am talking about the political sense. We gladly pay our taxes in the recognition that those taxes are buying food and healthcare and housing for those without, roads to get us where we need to be, schools to educate our young, etc. We find it more difficult to pay our taxes when they are funding human suffering. Warfare kills many more innocent than it ever does combatants. In these modern times, most wars have been instigated and fought for the profit of a few. And since all human kind is Be'al collectively, war hurts each of us personally. "Harm to one is harm to all."

Compassion and Liberalness also compel us to act on behalf of justice. To seek equal rights and equality for all. To work to guarantee that, for example, the right to marry is enjoyed by all, regardless of sexual orientation. Or that women are paid equally to that of men. That employment in based upon skills and experience, and not skin color, religion, gender or sexual orientation. That workers have the right to organize freely.

Liberalness is rewarded as Abundance (prosperity). Prosperity is not just for the few, but prosperity should be enjoyed by all. The economic system must be balanced so that opportunity is equal for all. Education should be free for all - from pre-school to a post Doctoral degree, in this way guaranteeing that each person is qualified for their role in society. Liberalness then, through working for policy changes, dovetails into abundance. The universe rewards those who are compassionate -- who share with others.

Nonconformity is basically swimming against the stream:

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
Let him step to the music which he hears,
however measured or far away."

~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~

Those who do not recognize their oneness with Be'al, who embrace the deception of individuality, are, ironically, uncomfortable with those of us who do. So we appear to be the ones who are eccentric, or rebellious toward society.

Due to our nonconformity with the status quo, we have to continue to learn. Learning is forever. Learning never ends. There is always something more to learn, and scientists are always discovering new insights into our understanding of the cosmos and nature. Our horizons are therefore ever-expanding.

These six attributes collectively give way to the last point: Idealism. We Druids share a vision of a new world order. We Druids want a world where:

We want to live in a world that survives
On the planet of life with light in our lives
By the power of the Moon and the strength of the Sun
We are one on the Earth

We want a world where there is love for everybody
We want a world where there is no more war
We want a world where there is hope for everybody
We want a world that's better than before

Give us a world where there's food for everybody
Water that's pure, the air is fresh and clean
We want a world that is good for everybody
We want a world where everyone is free

(Written by Gypsy, on the CD, "Enchantress")

Finally we see that the last six attributes dovetail back into the first, Wisdom, and we then come full circle, for the Druid who has assimilated these seven attributes will be defined most by the first one, and this is what the Druids of old were most known for: being wise.

For the wisest of men and women, those who emulate Doethiweb – Wisdom are also Eluseugan - - Compassionate, Rhyddfrydwr – Liberal, enjoy Wmbredd – Abundance, are Ymnellltuaeth – Nonconformist, and are ever Dysg – Learning and most of all, are Delfrydwr – Idealists.

An easier way to describe them is this: These women and men are DERWYDD - DRUIDS!