Three Holiday Contests

A Druid Author’s Contest

As some of you may know and others may not... I've got a book coming out soon. Its called "Under an Expanse of Oaks, A Druid's Journey" and will be released by Dreamz Work Productions LLC ( ) and will be available first on their store then within a month or 2 on kindle, on and barnes and noble's website.

Currently on my website for Druidry and Related studies ( ) I am holding a contest for a free signed copy as well as first and second prizes of a % off at the DWP website off the total order of either my book or any other book(s) the winner wants to order. There is a link on the oaklight main page or you can directly go to the contest page by going to .

Well there is my shameless self plug for the year! lol

Yours Under the Trees,
Dave/Duir /|\

New Druid’s Egg Contest

Write an essay answering the question: "How I Live The Pledge In My Daily Life."

The top 7 Entries will be published in "The Druid's Egg."

The winner will be awarded something from Avalon Risen (we haven't decided just yet -- waiting is).

Here are two urls to help, a) jog your memory, and b) make sense of the Pledge (but for most this won't be necessary I am sure):

Contest begins TODAY and all entries must be in no later than Imbolc -- February 2 2010.

The winner will be announced in the Beltane issue of The Druid's Egg.

2nd Annual DANAC Oak Awards.
Annual Golden Oak Awards
(The "Oakie" Awards)

The Druid Academy Nomination Award Committee (DANAC) consists of members of the Henge of Keltria (HoK), Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF), the Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA), Order of the White Oak (OWO), the Reformed Druids of Gaia (RDG), and the Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross (MOCC).

The DANAC members wish to learn more about happenings in their own group, and in other groups, and encourage the best by acknowledging the annual accomplishments of modern Druids.

In order to provide potential nominations to the DANAC, Ellis Arsemeau (RDG Scribe) is soliciting submissions for the Oakies in the following 10 categories:

1. Most interesting internal grove project begun or completed in 2009. Non-exhaustive examples include: liturgical design, fund- raising, recruitment, education, development, site-planning, web- development, meeting style, festival/meeting idea, etc.

2. Inspiring external project begun in 2009 by a grove or member(s) of ADF, Keltria, RDNA, MOCC, OWO, RDG. Non-exhaustive examples include: activism, ecology, public outreach, legal moves, publishing, charity, civic involvement, interaction with other religious organization, etc.

3. Greatest hardship overcome in 2009 by a member of ADF, Keltria, RDNA, MOCC, OWO, RDG. Publicly admissible, of course, no gossip please. Non-exhaustive examples incluede: persecution, financial obstacles, medical impairments, isolation, time constraints, educational restraints, etc.

4. Best Poem or song released in 2009 by a member of ADF, Keltria, RDNA, MOCC, OWO, RDG.

5. Best work of Art completed or released in 2009 by a member of ADF, Keltria, RDNA, MOCC, OWO, OMS. Non exhaustive examples: painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art, clay, collage, photography, etc. Dance choreography will be considered if an internet video is provided. Collaborating artists will receive a single prize.

6. Best craftwork completed or released in 2009 by a member of ADF, Keltria, RDNA, MOCC, OWO, RDG. Non exhaustive examples: leatherwork, metalwork, clothing, needlepoint, moulding, weaving, jewelry, basketry, woodwork, stonework, etc. Food, drink, cosmetics and brewing can't be tested easily enough in disparate parts of the U.S. Collaborative craftspeople will receive a single prize.

7. Best academic book released in 2009 by a member of ADF, Keltria, RDNA, MOCC, OWO, RDG. At least 50 pages in length, can be on any subject somehow applicable to "Druidism", modern or ancient, such as history, religion, crafts, art, philosophy, spirituality, ethnicity, language, etc.

8. Best novel or short story released in 2009 by a member of ADF, Keltria, RDNA, MOCC, OWO, RDG.

9. Best "Druidical" essay or article released or printed in 2009 by a member of ADF, Keltria, RDNA, MOCC, OWO, RDG.

10. Best movie or video-clip or instructional video, released or revised in 2009, that advances the positive perception of Druidism in some way produced by a member of ADF, Keltria, RDNA, MOCC, OWO, or RDG.

Candidates can be members of the RDG, but you can also pass on interesting candidates to me from ADF, Keltria, MOCC, RDNA, OWO. Write-ups describing the candidate should be 50-150 words, provide a sample of the text, photo of the object, file, web links and e-mail contacts as appropriate.

Submissions must be received by by Yule or earlier, if you can.

I will then submit up to two candidates in each category to the DANAC for further consideration.

We will publish the both the RDNA results and the DANAC results (if released in time) in the Imbolc 2010 issue of The Druids Egg.

Winners of each the 10 DANAC awards will receive a $33.33 prize from the Druid Academy, a blessed pretty rock, and international fame and kudos.