Seasonal Almanac

Today is Samhain, Calen Gaef, or November 1, 2009 CE.
It is the 1st Day of the 4th Year of the 2nd Age of the Druid Reform.

The Feast of Samhain began at Sunset on October 31st. (Some Druids may celebrate on November 7th, when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Scorpio, the half-way mark between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solistice)

It is the 1st day of the Season of Geimredh, and the 1st day of the Month of MÌ na Samhna.

It is also Sunday, in the common tongue, or Dydd Sul in Welsh.

It is the Druidic day of the Birch.

2 Geimredh - FULL "Beaver" Moon

15 Geimrdh - Birthday of OMS Patriarch and Co-Founder, Sybok Pendderwydd

21 Geimredh - The Sun enters Sagittarius.

24 Geimredh- Birthday of Celtic Bard and Honorary Druid, Robin Williamson.

26 Geimredh- Druish Feast of Bori Gormod Dwrci Dddiwrnod

27 Geimredh - NEW MOON

30 Geimredh - Birthday of Honorary Druid Oberon Zell-Ravenheart.

31 Geimredh - Me·n Geimhridh (December) begins (a Tuesday - Dydd Mawrth - Day of the Holly)

32 Geimredh - FULL "Cold" MOON

46 Geimredh - NEW MOON

51 Geimredh - Yule / Alban Arthuan, or the Winter Solstice. The Sun enters Capricorn.

92 Geimredh - The Season of Earrach begins at Sunset

1 Earrach - 1 MÌ na hOimelc, (February 1, 2010) Dydd Llun, Druish Day of the Willow. The Festival of Imbolc begins at Sunset.