Stonehenge Summer Solstice

by Darkwing

Summer dawns, the Solstice drawing near
I walk among the stones of bluish-grey,
Towering arches in a mighty circle lay
And I in thought of ancients walking here.

I touch a stone, a central altar piece,
I feel a surge of power rise in me
A shudder through my body, none can see
The spirit enter, whilst my hand release.

Blue sky above, larks rising high in song
And all around me glows the power's light
Strains of the pipes of Pan my ears delight
My feet respond, I rise in dance so strong.

Barefoot amongst the green mounds of time,
Arms upstretched swaying and entranced,
Over mounds and grassland I have danced,
Over resting places of ancient rhyme.

Cease the music, power's light growing dim
Sunset forms a dragon to the west
Red and powerful, Uther's renown crest
My eyes transfixed, I crumble limb by limb.

Gentle drumming drifting on the air
White robed figures leading majestic march
Approaching the altar set within the arch
Drumming getting louder, torches flare.

The night goes on; dawn approaches fast,
Looking east the sky in silver hue,
Heel stone in grass heavy with dew
Beholds the mighty Sun God's strongest blast.

Peasants cheer and celebrate the sight,
Dawns the longest day and end of reign
For Sol must surely turn the Wheel again
From end of sunlight into shortest night.

Sit and marvel at the blooming flowers
Feast on, make merry till the close of day
Drink ye ale, remember summer gay
As Sol begins to weaken through the hours.
'Tis Midsummer's Day!

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