Amulet Moon

by Firefly

Dangling 'round the overshadowed neck
Of the cryptic sky,
Upon a sidereal chain of stars,
A memory, cumbersome as stone,
Burdens my mind and pulls me down,
Enshrouded in a pearl halo of light
'Neath Silvanus' Roman skyline.
Unable to distinguish between reality and mere illusion,
Among a night of roaming demons and lost desires,
I wander to the faerie ring.
Beneath Juno's Jovian gaze,
And a glimpse in Proserpine's eye,
I collapse to my knees and pray
For a return to the bliss of Eden.
Resisting the temptation to join Lilith's lunar light,
Astarte's fervor brews strong within me,
And again the constellations call to me,
Their mystic voices so shrill and piercing
Through the omnipresent air of the windless night.
Playing tricks with my conscience, the astral aura satiates my eyes
And your image becomes visible amongst the silver clouds.
Yearning for hedonism and Paradise,
With Cupid's arrow and Venus as my protectors,
I invoke Diana with melic chants.
An indigo mist mysteriously veils the alter
And security sets in like a fog.
I lay among the mycelium, elderberries, and honey locusts,
Ridding my mind of phantoms and Incubus,
Safe with my thoughts and love for you,
Beneath the platinum myth-beams of the celestial crescent,
Waxing towards entirety.
I close the clasp and it suspends
From an invisible stardust sibyl strand
Amid the opalescent penumbral vespers.

Roman Deities:
Silvanus - Minor deity of fields and woods
Juno - Goddess of marriage, queen of gods, wife/sister of Jupiter (Gr. Hera)
Jove - (Jupiter) God of skies and thunder, chief deity (Gr. Zeus)
Proserpine - Abducted by Pluto to be his wife in the underworld (Gr. Persephone)
Cupid - God of love, son of Venus (Gr. Eros)
Venus - Goddess of love and beauty (Gr. Aphrodite)
Diana - Virgin goddess of the moon and hunting (Gr. Artemis)
Sibyl - Roman or Greek woman called upon as a prophetess or fortuneteller

Other References:
Eden - (Bib.) Paradise
Lilith - Semitic demon or vampire that lived in desolate places; a night witch menacing to infants; (Bib.) Adam's first wife before the creation of Eve
Astarte - Semitic goddess of fertility and sexual love
Incubus - Medieval demon or spirit who descended from above and had sexual intercourse with sleeping women (fem. succubus)