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Medford, OR:
Finally after many months of blood, sweat and tears our Sunna Room and firepit
are ready for use by the Grove. For pictures please see:

AND we invite you to attend our Beltane Maypole Dance, Sunday, May 18 at our outdoor firepit!!!

Our ritual will be followed by a potluck lunch. At 2 p.m., we will have a special guest, Heather who will provide a "The Unified Voice" workshop. She will also perform pieces from her new cd: Closing the Divide. Her original
music is powerfully sacred with traces of Celtic, Pop, Folk, and Middle Eastern styles. Learn more at: http://heatherhutton.com/

We also look forward to seeing everyone in the Redwoods in August!!!

Blessings, Aigeann

Eureka, CA:
The Mother Grove

The big news here in the Sacred Redwoods is that at least one battle in the war to save the trees is over. Maxxam/Charles Hurwitz has lost all interest in Pacific Lumber Co, and it's 200,000 acres of Redwood forest in bankruptcy proceedings that began just about a year ago. As it stands, it looks like most of the company will be transferred to Mendocino Redwoods, a company known for it's ecologically sound and sustainabe logging practices. The forest itself may be auctioned to the highest bidder. Harvard University and The Nature Conservancy are said to be two of the interested parties.

In other news, the Mother Grove is perfecting the art of live-and-in-person ordinations. At our Calen Mai celebration on April 27, we bestowed the Fifth degree on Druid Mark (aka Darkcryst), as a complete surprize to him! Kudows to him!

Our next big concern is the planning and exectuion of this years Druid Gathering, which we've renamed "Sequoia Pan-Pagan Gathering," in order to broaden it's apeal (also, the past few years attendees have only been about 50% from the Reform - the others were feeling a bit left out). But this Gathering is still very much a Reformed Druid convention! The main ritual will still be drawn from the tradition of the ARDA, and this year we expect to be performing ordinations for even the Third Order! This thing is getting bigger and better every year, and Druids are coming from farther and farther away (in fact we expect some visitors from the East Coast and from the UK this year -- come and see!).

Ceridwen & El
Past & Present AD's


Colorado Springs, CO:
Circle of Stone had our first kick off meeting from Meet up.com on the 21st of April, 2008.

8 people were in attendence and it was splendid aside all noise at Starbucks. We have decided to study the Ancient Celts to start out then move into the Druids then devote some time to the Irish Path.

We are looking for another venue to hold our meetings, and decision was made to have 2 meetings, one meeting is a study group scheduled for the 1st of the Monday month the second meeting is the Meet Up and it is scheduled on the 3rd Monday of the month. The second meeting is the meet and greet of new members as well as the gathering on current members to share in wisdom and drink. We also decided to hold one meeting on the North side of town and one South/West of town to accommodate all who are driving or taking the bus.

Circle of Stone Calan Mai Ritual

Circle of Stone will be holding their Calan Mai ritual, on the 5th of May at 7 pm MDT at Helen Hunt Falls, located in North Cheyenne Canyon, CO. The ritual will presented by Arch Druid Dyddgu and is titled the Triple Spiral, followed by an attunement to the The Great Megaliths of the Celtic Lands. This ritual is a great way to introduce our new members to ritual and to our energies as well as learning about Celtic Ritual in general. A small potluck follows.This is a family friendly ritual. Site is discreetly wet, (alcohol in discreet containers only) please dress for the weather, bring your chairs and feast gear (your own plate, utensils and drinking cup). Hope to see you there!

Grove membership-17


nt-Arch Druid Dyddgu /|\

Philadelphia, PA:
Currently meeting in the lush emerald woods of Fairmount Park in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection (commonly know as Philadelphia), Aelvenstar Grove honors Mother Earth. The grove was formally founded Beltaine, 2004 and is a proto grove of the Reformed Druids of Gaia/Order of the Mithril Star and the Reformed Druids Of North America. In addition, we are associated with other pagan organizations such as Per NTR Sesen and Temple Harakhte.

Looking to our ancestors and the ancients, Aelvenstar Druids respect all life and receive inspiration from Nature and the heavens. We believe it is the natural state of Mankind to live in harmony with Nature. and that it is our responsibility to respect and protect the Earth. As activists, it is our responsibility to do our part collectively and individually to heal the environment.

Emphasizing development through the practice of Druidcraft, focus is placed upon personal growth through the development of body, mind, and spirit. Through study, discussions, rituals, retreats, fellowship, and meditation, a spiritual framework is provided through which Druids may further develop themselves.

Aelvenstar Grove holds eight celebrations a year, on the solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter festivals. We sometimes meet on other occasions for outings and initiations. Online meetings and initiations are held too, as some members live a distance away.

We welcome new members of all backgrounds who love nature and seek spirituality permeated in the divine beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Nature is groovy!

Courses available: Reformed Druidism 101

Website: http://www.aelvenstargrove.org
Email: aelvenstargrove@yahoo.com

For more information about Reformed Druidism, visit http://rdg.mithrilstar.org

Grove of the Oaken Staves

Middleburg, FL:
No new news at this time...

Penda, Archdruid

White Horse Protogrove

Live Oak , FL:
Another of our newly formed Protogroves - Florida is sure becoming a popular place for Druids! More news on this group as it progresses...

Wilverly Raven Grove

New Milton, Hampshire, UK
Well, this is our very first report for the Order of the Mithril Star and I am afraid that there is not very much to tell you about. Although as a Grove we have been holding ritual together for a long time, we have yet to hold our first rite since aligning ourselves with OMS. So what can we tell you about?

We currently consist of just three members but we are often joined by two others when we hold rites, blots and sumbels. Sometimes it is more than two others but more often than not we are just the five. So the first plan has to be to expand and get more members both for ourselves and for the OMS. Secondly we want to attract more people to our environmental concerns. We live in a very wonderful place. A place virtually unspoiled by human contact. However, it does not stay that way by accident. It takes a huge team of volunteers to keep the forest in good shape and we are always looking to recruit new litter pickers, new wildlife protectors and new bird spotters.

On the whole Pagan folk seem to be the best for this type of work. First off they care. Second of all they are generous with their time and thirdly they don’t have any religious delusions about having total Dominion over the beasts of the earth, the birds of the air and the fish of the sea. In short Pagans make great conservationists and Druids make perfect ones. So the Wilverley Raven Grove (OMS) is going to be all about recruitment. Recruitment not just for OMS but for Mother Jorth herself - as all of our High Day Rituals will be followed by at least an hour of conservation work.

Want to join us? Then please do! All of our rites, moots and rituals will be advertised on the OMS message board and all Pagans are welcome to join us both for the ritual, the work and, it goes without saying, the water (Guiness) sharing in the pub afterwards.

Until the next time,


No news this season from:

Grove of Erde
Euless, TX USA

TSU Proto-Grove
San Marcos, TX USA

The Thorn & Rose Grove
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

RDG "Proto-Grove"