How to Draw the Seren Derwydd
(7-Pointed Star)

Generously contributed by
RDG Druid Blake Hutchinson

Based on astrological attributions alone, I would associate the SEREN DERWYDD qualities this way.

Sun: Delfrydwr (Idealism)
Moon: Eluseugan (Compassion)
Mars: Ymnellltuaeth (Noncomformity)
Mercury: Dysg (Learning)
Jupiter: Wmbredd (Abundance)
Venus: Rhyddfrydwr (Liberalness)
Saturn: Doethiweb (Wisdom)

Sun: Sunday [literally: Sun day] (French: Dimanche)
Moon: Monday (French: Lundi [literally: Moon day])
Mars: Tuesday (French: Mardi [literally: Mars day])
Mercury: Wednesday (French: Mercredi [literally: Mercury day])
Jupiter: Thursday (French: Jeudi [literally: Jove/Jupiter day])
Venus: Friday (French: Venerdi [literally: Venus day])
Saturn: Saturday [literally: Saturn day] (French: samedi)

Why the Sun for Idealism? People who are idealistic look forward to a bright future. Why the Moon for Compassion? I hate to go with social programming here, but compassion is considered a feminine quality in this society, and mothers tend to be more compassionate than fathers. Why Mars for Noncomformity? It takes guts to go against the status quo, and being a war god, Mars has a lot of guts. Why Mercury for Learning? Mercury is the planet of the mind. Why Jupiter for Abundance? Jupiter is the planet of expansion, thus of abundance. Why Venus for Liberalness? Venus rules Libra, which is the sign of the diplomat. Venus also rules Taurus, the sign of sensuality. Why Saturn for Wisdom? The Greek equivalent god is Kronos [literally: time]. In Greek mythology, Kronos is the father of the Olympian gods, or at least Zeus who's the head honcho of them. With time comes wisdom.

Rethinking of how I would draw the septagram in the air, I think of how ceremonial magicians and some Wiccans draw the pentagram in the air. When they're invoking, they go TOWARDS the element they want to invoke. The way I would do it with the septagram, I'd invoke it in the order of days in the week, starting from Saturn (which I attribute to Wisdom) and end at Saturn. Here's the order.

1) Saturn to Sun
2) Sun to Moon
3) Moon to Mars
4) Mars to Mercury
5) Mercury to Jupiter
6) Jupiter to Venus
7) Venus to Saturn (ending back up to the Sun)

I'm thinking the Seren Derwydd would be drawn from the top point (Sun), down to the bottom right corner point (Moon), up to the top left corner point (Mars), over and down to the right side point (Mercury), across to the left side point (Jupiter), up to the top right corner point (Venus), down to the bottom left corner point (Saturn), and back up to the top point (Sun). That would follow the order of the days of the week.

To devoke, I'd start with the Sun and go to Saturn (which is also the planet of limitations) and so on ending back at the Sun.