Dispatches from RDG's
Autonomous Collectives

Medford, OR:
Clan of the Triplehorses held its Beltane ritual the evening of Saturday, April 24 outside on the property of one of our officers, RainSplash.

A portable, temporary maypole was created using pvc pipe and was decorated with mountains of curly ribbon and crepe paper.

After the ritual we dove into a feast of refreshing salads, some homemade and some store bought. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Beltane blessings to all!

Our website: http://triplehorses.weebly.com

Our contact info:

Seasonal blessings,
Clan of the Triplehorses Grove

Mother Grove of the Reformed Druids of Gaia
Eureka, CA:
The Mother Grove is the home of the Senior Archdruid of RDG and of the Patriarch of the Order of the Mithril Star.

The Patriarch has been very ill since about mid April, a condition which started (and continues) as lower back pain, but which then developed into a flu-like condition and culminated in a diagnosis of severe infection of one of his heart valves (which has developed a murmur over the past few years). After about a week in the hospital, he is now convalescing at home, and receiving daily IV antibiotic infusions to combat the infection. Once the infection is gone, he will have major oral surgery (and replacement of teeth), followed by a replacement of the infected heart valve. He is also due for a sleep study (for apnea). This should all be wrapped up by early September, we hope.

Due to the above, the 2010 Redwood Coast Druid Gathering has been cancelled.

Due to the above, the Senior Archdruid is way behind on the publication of the Beltane Druid's Egg, though she does promise it "any day now". :)

Due to the above, the Senior Clerk is way behind on the processing of new memberships, sending out "The Druid Path" kits, and other tasks. He promises to get caught up as soon as possible.

And next year in Dryad's Realm!

In Gaia,
Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, Senior Archdruid RDG &
Sybok Pendderwydd, Senior Clerk, RDG / Patriarch, OMS

Colorado Springs, CO:
It's been a cold Gwyl Mair/Imbolc season in Colorado, and we are ready to greet a chilly Calan Mai/Beltaine with high hopes, goals to be set in stone, an abundance of energy complete with a new website hosted on it's own domain! Our study with Sovereignty and her King series has finished and we are now working on our grove's Druid's Wheel.

Circle of Stones begins it's Season of Flourishing with a Calan Mai/Beltaine closed grove ritual titled Stone Energy Empowerment/Activation at Helen Hunt Falls on May 5th at 10:00 AM. This ritual is the testing grounds for Arch Druid Dyddgu's newly revamped Stone Energy formally titled Stone Reiki. Afterwards we will go on a nature hike to discuss herbs & stones native to the ritual area. As usual dress for the weather, BYOE and bring food and drink to share. Manual for Stone Energy will be available for purchase and download on the new COS website after May 11, 2010.

Alban Heruin/Litha will be celebrated on June 21, 2010 at Noon at Helen Hunt Falls. This is a community ritual open to the public celebrating the Summer Solstice at it's zenith. As usual dress for the weather, BYOE and bring food and drink to share.

Celtic Study groups well be commencing again beginning May 17 at 6:30 pm at North Cheyenne Canyon Picnic area, if inclement weather arrives, study group will meet at Panera Bread @ 1832 Southgate Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

*BYOE= Bring your own everything: chairs, blankets, grills, pavilions, water, coolers, feast gear, drums/instruments, cameras, (alcohol if in a very discreet container) and crane's bag, etc.

Official website - http://www.circleofstones.us
Official Contact email - info@circleofstones.us
Contact email - coloradosprings.grove@reformed-druids.org

Twitter - http://twitter.com/CircleofStones9

COS Blog - http://thecircleofstones.blogspot.com

Facebook Fan Page:

Middleburg, FL:
No news this season - still regrouping after passing of Archdruid Mareth...and her husband, who followed her to the Other Side shortly afterwards...

Till next time,
Penda, Archdruid

Redding, CA:
Grove of the Manzanita once again celebrated Beltane jointly with the Starlight Interfaith Church. The event featured Maypole dancing, sword fighting, bardic circle, potluck feast and Beltane ritual, led by Starlight's HPs Arcana. A wonderful time was had by all.

For the Summer Solstice, we are planning another nature hike to area waterfalls. Mossbrae Falls in Dunsmuir, CA was absolutely beautiful; grove mates are eager to explore the other wonders of Gaia in our own backyard.

Many members of Starlight are planning to join the grove in attending the Druid convention in July.

Our fledging web presence is at: http://www.myspace.com/manzanita_druids

Blessings of Summer,
Tiffiny /|\
ArchDruid, Grove of the Manzanita, RDG

Although it's not a "Grove", the NoDaL still qualifies as an "autonomous collective" of the Reformed Druids of Gaia, and consists of all the 3rd Degree Druids therein. The purpose of the NoDaL is to provide a space for Archdruids of the RDG Groves and Proto-Groves to discuss the many aspects of running a group of Druids, and provide advice and support for each other. They also act as the "legislative" branch of the RDG - creating policy as needed.

The Nemeton has finished it's process of reviewing and revising "The Druid Path" cd rom self-study course and has made it's recommendations to the MG, which has begun implementing them,

Nemeton members request that anyone interested in having input in RDG policy, please share their concerns or suggestions. You may write the NoDaL at scribe@reformed-druids.org

Philadelphia, PA:
Currently meeting in the lush emerald woods of Fairmount Park in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection (commonly know as Philadelphia), Aelvenstar Grove honors Mother Earth. The grove was formally founded Beltaine, 2004 and is a proto grove of the Reformed Druids of Gaia/Order of the Mithril Star and the Reformed Druids Of North America. In addition, we are associated with other pagan organizations such as Per NTR Sesen and Temple Harakhte.

Looking to our ancestors and the ancients, Aelvenstar Druids respect all life and receive inspiration from Nature and the heavens. We believe it is the natural state of Mankind to live in harmony with Nature. and that it is our responsibility to respect and protect the Earth. As activists, it is our responsibility to do our part collectively and individually to heal the environment.

Emphasizing development through the practice of Druidcraft, focus is placed upon personal growth through the development of body, mind, and spirit. Through study, discussions, rituals, retreats, fellowship, and meditation, a spiritual framework is provided through which Druids may further develop themselves.

Aelvenstar Grove holds eight celebrations a year, on the solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter festivals. We sometimes meet on other occasions for outings and initiations. Online meetings and initiations are held too, as some members live a distance away.

We welcome new members of all backgrounds who love nature and seek spirituality permeated in the divine beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Nature is groovy!

Courses available: Reformed Druidism 101

Website: http://www.aelvenstargrove.org
Email: philadelphia.grove@reformed-druids.org

For more information about Reformed Druidism, visit http://reformed-druids.org

Live Oak , FL:
Greetings! White Horse ProtoGrove is sorta in idle mode at the moment.............I am back at college working on my LPN & doing pre-requisites for my RN at the moment & have been very busy........

Ann Feather

Contact: sebring.grove@reformed-druids.org

Roots Rocks and Stars
RDG "Proto-Grove"

Albany, OR:
Roots Rocks and Stars currently consists of three humans and two canine companions. We people are all college students, one in natural resources, one in Literature, and one in history. We live together in a small apartment in Corvallis Oregon's north end. We are all ethnically descended from British Isle and French folks (some Native Canadian/American ancestry as well) and this colors our rituals. We are primarily dedicated to Cernunnos, Epona, Brigid, and Cerridwen but actually tend toward an abiding devotion to nature and spirit without too much investment in names and images. Our rituals tend to involve home-cooking and plenty of beer.

Contact: albany.grove@reformed-druids.org

No news this season from:

Thorn & Rose
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

RDG "Proto-Grove"