Growing Closer

by OMS Patriarch
Sybok Pendderwydd

Intentional Communities are beginning to be looked at as a better way to live by a lot more people than there were previously. This is due to the way the economy has taken a dive. A lot of people, who had hoped that they would eventually be able to afford a middle-class lifestyle (a good job, owning your own home, a nice car) are finding that those goals have suddenly been put out of their reach, or they have been taken away from them.

Living in an intentional community can afford you the benefits of the middle class lifestyle without your being middle class. You aren’t able to buy a house now, let alone one with a pool, a hot tub and other amenities, and frankly, the way the deck seems to be getting stacked in the business world, you’re not likely to ever be middle class unless you are born into wealth. But, you and a group of friends might be able to pool enough resources together so that each family can have a small home, and share a pool and hot tub. If you do it right it could be income producing.

Such has been our vision concerning Dryad’s Realm, and it may be that no one living there need work outside, as the income generated from that business plan should be able to sustain at least a dozen adults, and provide them all with health care, plus the amenities become tax deductable business expenses. Even with the downturn in the economy, the Chamber of Commerce here on the North Coast reports that occupancy rates in the hospitality sector are still running at 90% year round, as the big trees still draw a respectable number of tourists.

Interested? Take a look at our business plan at Don’t like California? I think that plan could be adaptable for anyone, anywhere in America, who wanted to break out of the conventional paradigm. Don’t think a “clothing optional” resort would fly in your neck of the woods? We adopted that because we are already in a heavy tourist area, and that niche would set us apart from the rest of the competition. It’s not necessary to a successful implementation of this model, although with Pagans involved that choice could be unstated, especially if you intend to tap into the Pagan festival niche.

We expect that other businesses will develop out of the Dryad’s Realm community base, including a book store, bakery, coffee shop, restaurant, alternative health care, weekend retreats and workshops, and weekend festivals, many of these utilizing the large multi-purpose (60’) dome we intend to construct, but others operated as satellite businesses in nearby towns.

May the FOREST be with you always,
And may you never thirst for the waters of life.

Rev. Druid Sybok Pendderwydd, Patriarch
Order of the Mithril Star, RDG/RDNA

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