by Alexandria Cauthen-Zach

Maypole, flowers, Queen of the May
dance for us, dance for us, dance for the day

Weave ribbons and roses and daisies galore
round staffs, and young heads, then cover the floor.

The Lord, a young man, greets his lover in bloom
in fields and in forests, in every back room.

New life is sprouting in great singing bursts
the flowers, the beasties, the babies come first!

Romp in the green that nature's become
she's wearing her finest to court her dear sun.

Ripe and luscious, take a great bite,
then join in the chorus and enter the rite.

Beltane, the wedding, the joining of all
bring the male to the female, the courting will call.

The great earth mother lies fertile to sow
lay your seed in her womb and watch the crops grow.

Laugh with me, fall with me, roll in the grass,
warm spring has come and we're joyous at last!

(Originally published in Oak Leaves #2)