Two Spring Poems

Generously contributed by Druid Melissa S Burchfield
Bard, Three Cranes Grove, ADF

Persephone on the Cusp of Spring

She waits upon the ancient stone
The stairway to the world above
O’er Styx in chariot of bone
To shore before the road to love

The mother waits with bated breath
For daughter to ascend once more
The land laid waste in depth and breadth
In protest of what she abhors

For Death does come and steal away
The daughter love so carefully wrought
Until rebirth of spring’s first day
Returns that for which she fought

The Kore’s cyclic loss each year
Brings grief but rest and time to heal
Death’s permanence she need not fear
For Demeter’s love destroyed Fate’s seal

She waits upon the threshold there
Ascending when the time is nigh
As sunshine hits her shining hair
Demeter’s arms embrace her child


Aine of Egobail
of splendor, of fame
Midsummer Nights
Feast to honor your name

Queen of the Fae folk
Magical Maid
Lies within the
Mound of Cnoc Aine

Who dares place their hand
in the Well lying there
Shall leave either blessed
or as mad as a Hare