Come the Light

Generously contributed by
Druid Phagos, RDG

I noticed,
The dawn,
Would appear a little bit earlier
Each day

Almost a forgotten friend,
Long into winter’s dark routine,
I welcomed the suspicion
Of the sun’s return
With joy,
With expectation,
With a prayer

How deep the somber
State of the season
And the flight of the sun,
The rule of the shadow,
The retreat of life,
The retreat from life

I once thought that each season
But the dark One,
Was safe from loss,
Was free from sorrow
Was ruled by increase,
Forward motion,
And peace

But that was not the case:
Slow slide,
Start from the zenith at Mean Samhradh,
Tumble slightly past Lughnasadh,
Past the thorns and brambles
That I found along
The way,
Leaving me lacking,
Less than I was

I could not understand
How the cycles could be
So lightly delineated,
So poorly defined,
So opaque,
That Nature would operate
In a variable way,
That the cycles we subscribe to
Are not cast in stone

What of the monuments
That channel the Sun on a given day?
What of the alignments
That funnel the Light in a determined way?

Made by men,
With clever hands
With wizened eyes
And careful thought

Yet though the Sun
May be mermerised and coaxed,
By such mazes,
And stones,
The Earth laughs with delight
At such pleasant agreements
Where Sun traces lines,
Enters boxes
And caves,
And illuminates the wonders
Carved by men’s hands inside

Yet, illuminations are not
The providence of men alone:
I watched the hawthorns
As I walk underneath
Their thorns pull away
What of winter remains,
And leaves me fresher,
And newer,
And awaiting the Light

That mischievous Light,
Shine through the hawthorns
And the patterns emerge
Filtered through thorns,
And branches,
And time
To gather symbols,
And ciphers,
And glyphs,
Cast upon surfaces
Earthen and rare
Shifted by angle
Altered by wind
Seen and unseen
With the secrets of time
Writ by the seasons
And told by the Sun
Conspired in branches
The season begun

I look to the sky when
In thanks
And joy
Almost childlike bliss
I look to the west,
In the late afternoon,
And gifted with further
Warmth and Light
I look to the Spring
So fully in bloom
And dream of the Summer
Coming my way
And feel it eternal
And know that
Is a lifetime

I dream this dream
In the increasing Light
Young leaves
And new sprouts
That I see on my way
Remind me that I too
Am new once again
And this life continues
For again one more day
Then another
Then another again
And one more season
To welcome me in
And once more around,
Another, again

©The Ogmic Press
All Rights Reserved