Generously contributed by
Druid Phagos,

I see you reach your hand out
To me
I stare in wordless wonder
As it moves through
The thickness of distance
Between us

For a moment
I cannot move
I am lost among
The myriad choices
Into my incredulous eyes

I take your hand
And I nestle it
Like crystal
Reflecting the Sun
Scintillating the passage
Through space
Grasping the instant
There within your hand

The feel of your hand
Skin on skin
I pause and the moment is
Into my soul
Into my movement
For a brief instant,
It is the only thing that exists
In this world

Green is the day,
Born of the summer
Sun on face,
Sun of arms and legs,
Sun on soul,
Slow moves the summer
As it was meant to
Borne of hope,
Borne of a dream,
Still unfolding,
Still awaiting,
A precious breath,
The breeze rests,
Lost in the trees
Brief passing,
I exhale and the
Wind regains
Its course
Its destiny

And I, foot to the path,
And you as well
We find the road
Like a story that unfolds before us,
If we only knew the hidden language
Lost in the story,
Lost in our time

Sun gives way
To afternoon
As the clouds fold themselves
Neatly on the horizon
Eager to capture the heat
And intensity of the day

Lulling the sun into
A dream of never-ending day
Slide into sunset,
Glide into dusk,
Tumble into evening
Serenade the sky
Sing a song of seasons
And the passing of time

Nights absorbs us
As the New Moon
Comes tomorrow
So dark is the sky
Dark Goddess,
Hold us as one
The softness of the bed
And early hour
Hold the morning at bay
Blend and sidle
Turn and tumble
Flow and ripple
Sleep engulfs us
As is has so many times
I turn,
Captured in the umbra
And reach

© 2010 by the Ogmic Press
All Rights Reserved