The Man from Sule Skerry

Generously contributed by
Druid Aisling Beith ferch Arianrhod, RDG

He walked up the golden sand
A trail of seaweed upon the land
He sang a song that was bittersweet
About a maid he wished to meet

She gathered shells upon the beach
With an eye to sell she inspected each
She dreamed of a husband she might find
Her future comfort she had in mind

As she stood she met his gaze
Lost in his eyes as if in a maze
Liquid brown, gentle and merry
Holding the mysteries of all Sule Skerry

They lay with their bodies intertwined
His passion was kept gentle and kind
Then amongst her happy sighs
He looked her fully in the eyes

“Bonny lass, with youth in bloom”
“I’ve planted twins within your womb”
“One to keep and one for me”
“In seven years I’ll take mine to sea”

“Fret you not, for allowing these pleasures”
“From the sea I’ll provide you treasures”
“Whether or not you decide to marry”
“You’ll never want, I swear by Sule Skerry”

And thus he donned his selkie skin
And dove into the sea with flip and a spin
She ran to sea and stood in the spray
And she cried and wept as he swam away

One child was born fair with lusty cries
The other sweet with liquid brown eyes
In motherhood she forgot her tears
And so happy they lived for seven years

Then one day he again appeared
And took her sweet child as she had feared
He kissed her once but did not tarry
And with the child returned to Sule Skerry