Ogham Reading Series - Summer

Generously contributed by Rev. Druid Patricia Vialpando,
Arch Druid, Circle of Stones, RDG

Summer Breeze

Ogham is traditionally read from the bottom to the top as a means of secret communication between the Celtic tribes and the Druid priesthood. I advise reading Ogham today in the same traditional manner so it adds it's magical essence to the reading.


Full bounty rectifies the wasteland of life.


Shedding the old is never easy yet it is an accomplishment of it's own.


Within the blossom exists the truth of many hidden qualities of life.One must exemplify their attitudes in order to win over the alignment of the energies this season.


Sweetness of life exits within the planes and boundaries of the earths ley lines. Seek to find the meaning the energies that are currently arriving that is connecting with the Sovereignty and her land. By harnessing both sets of currents, time will move swiftly yet productively, prepare to be more active this season while being more aligned with nature. Remember to stay grounded!