1 Earrach 44 - Imbolc 2006 - Vol.4 No. 2


Buds, as pale green lunar moths
Land overnight on the naked birches
And comes the warm Spring light
They will unfurl their sticky, verdant wings
And shed Winter's dark shell

~~ Author Unknown ~~

by Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear

The Wheel turns again, and we find ourselves at the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox - the cross-quarter holiday of Imbolc. For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, it is the deepest part of Winter, yet from deep within we feel the stirrings of new life beginning to awaken in the Earth - and because we live within the Earth's aura, these stirrings are reflected in ourselves as well. This building, renewing energy can manifest in a multitude of ways, which brings me to this Season's theme:

*** AWEN ***

Within this issue of the newsletter, you will find many different expressions of Awen: The channelings of the Goddess Brighid and the Stones by Druid Artic, the channeling of a Tarot story by myself, an introduction to the channeled healing energy of Reiki, the continuation of the myth of one of our Druish Gods (with an introduction to a new Druish Goddess), and the generous offerings of some magnificent poetry and art by some very talented people...

I've always considered this particular holiday a prime time for initiations of all kinds - and for inspiration in general. It seems easier to turn inward at this time, seeking a deeper connection with the Goddess in her Crone aspect, and witnessing the transition as she prepares to pass the Cauldron of Power over to the Maid...

When it's cold outside, what could be better than curling up in our favourite cozy chair in front of a roaring fire in the hearth, journal in hand, staring into the flames and waiting for...AWEN...

©Sean O'Ceallaigh - http://www.angelfire.com/realm2/cernonnos2/ - Image used with permission

Awen - A Personal View
© 2006 by Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, A.D.

The Awen I sing,
From the deep I bring it,
A river while it flows,
I know its extent;
I know when it disappears;
I know when it fills;
I know when it overflows;
I know when it shrinks;
I know what base
There is beneath the sea.
~~ Taliesin ~~

For me, the very word itself has a certain cosmic “ring” to it – conjuring up in my mind’s eye visions of ancient groves of trees with moonlight streaming through them, or standing stones on a hilltop, or stately Druids celebrating the magick and sovereignty of Earth, Sea and Sky…

There is a wealth of information about Awen on the Internet and in many, many books on the subject – and yes, they all describe what it “technically” is, where the word comes from grammatically, etc., but I feel there is so much more to this wondrous phenomenon…

Let’s start off with some examples of what is out on the web regarding this subject (sources for these are at end of article):

“To discover what Awen is, we should first look at what the word means. The feminine noun, Awen, has been variously translated as 'inspiration', 'muse', 'genius', or even 'poetic frenzy'. The word itself is formed by combining the two words, aw, meaning 'a fluid, a flowing', and en, meaning 'a living principle,
a being, a spirit, essential'. So Awen may be rendered literally as 'a fluid essence', or 'flowing spirit'…”*


“The word “awen” means “inspiration” in Middle Welsh, and in Mesopagan Druidism it represents the primal sound and light caused by “the” Supreme Being pronouncing “His” name to create the universe. Mesopagan Druids have a great deal of metaphysical theory based on this and related triplicities — most of it coming from the early Unitarian preacher and prolific forger of ancient manuscripts, Iolo Morganwg (who pretty much created Mesopagan Druidry to begin with)…The word “awen” is used by some modern Druids as a Celtic equivalent to the Sanskrit word “aum,” intoning it when doing trancework, thusly: “aah-ooo-enn...” “**


“The Awen is a not genuine symbol of Druidry, but associated with several modern groups. Awen in the Celtic language means means "inspiration," or "essence," and refers to spiritual illumination. The three parts of the Awen symbol represent the harmony of opposites- the left and right rays symbolizing female and male energy; the center bar their harmonious balance…”***


“Repeatedly referred to in the bardic writings is lore relative to the origins of its alphabet, its relationship to trees and the secret name of God…Writing was invented by Einigid the giant, son of Alser, for the purpose of recording praiseworthy deeds. They were first carved on wooden staves called coel bren. The first three letters were obtained by Menw the Aged, who observed light falling in three rays…This is the sign known as Awen, which is said to be the name by which the universe calls God inwardly. The Awen is said to represent the letters OIU, from which all the others are obtained. The O relates to the perfect circle of Gwynvyd, to the mortal world, Abred, and the U to the cauldron of Annwn. They relate to earth, sea and air; body, mind and spirit; and love, wisdom and truth. The word Awen also means not only this combination of letters but inspiration and soul as well…”****


From these examples, we can get a pretty fair idea of what constitutes Awen, but as I read these, the following questions come to mind:

What does Awen feel like?

Is it related to the imagination?

How does one know when one is having an Awen experience?

Is it primarily a random, spontaneous thing?

Or can it be “channeled” by conscious intent?

Is it reserved mainly for poets, writers, artists, teachers, magicians, etc.?

Or can anyone access this mysterious power?

After meditating on the above questions, I will share some of my own opinions, conclusions and experiences with Awen…

For me, Awen is the source of creativity. There is no limit to the number of ways it can manifest in our lives:

It can come to us dramatically and radically – as in the Tower card of the Tarot, which shows the lightning bolt of awakening striking the self-imposed prison of our fears, doubts and insecurities – freeing us from our own limitations and blasting our outworn beliefs – blinders coming off – opening us to a fresh and expanded perspective – just as the figures falling from the Tower eventually land in the garden of The Star (the next card in the Tarot sequence)…

Or it can come to us as gently as a wisp of Aeolus – the wind that whispers in our ear when we are quiet enough to hear it…

Or it can come to us as amusingly as two kittens playing at our feet…

It can also come to us when we are in meditation or a magickal working as a sense of euphoric connection with the All That Is – that moment when we get a glimpse of “the larger picture” of reality – that part of us that “knows” what our role is in this life, and “knows” our place in the Universe and our inherent divinity…

It can come while we are driving our car, riding in a bus, daydreaming at work, doing the dishes, or doing any other mundane task that becomes “automatic” – freeing our minds to wander and leaving an opening for Awen to sneak through like grass through a crack in the pavement…

Most often for me it comes when I am out in Nature – walking in the woods, dangling my feet in a stream, sitting on the rocky shores of the sea, riding a horse, or tending my garden…

Sometimes it flows like a raging river rapids, and sometimes it trickles like rain off the roof…

Generally when it happens to me, my first response is: “Whoa, where did THAT come from?” But then I try to stay in the moment and fully imbibe the experience, like sipping a fine wine – getting the most out of it – and then afterwards, I always send a “thank you” to the Universe for the inspiration. I find that when one shows gratitude for this wondrous blessing – for that is what it is to me – then the Universe “responds” by sending even more Awen!

When we “channel” this mysterious force, we often feel compelled to manifest it in some physical form, such as writing a book or poem, or trying to capture it in a work of art, or in a piece of music – with the same urgency that we feel when we try to remember a significant dream and want to record all the details before it fades away…

Once we are touched by Awen – and I believe anyone can be touched by it – it seems that we are never quite the same. A profound change takes place deep inside our soul – a new awareness that inspires us so much that we cannot even conceive of returning to the pre-Awen state! Instead, like one who tastes the Ambrosia of the Gods, we seem to want to taste it again and again – and to inspire others to find their own way to taste it as well…

* * * * * * *
Sources and Credits:
*From: Awen - The Holy Spirit of Druidry by Greywolf of the British Druid Order

**From: Symbols of Druid Identity by Isaac Bonewits

***From: Altreligion – Druid Symbols

****From: The Awen by Katinka the Broc'h

©Jen Delyth - http://www.kelticdesigns.com/ - Image used with permission

Imbolc Sabbat Poetry

The candle’s lit on this dark night
As all the world does sleep.
Our prayer is one of hope for light
That this darkness doesn’t keep.

The cold of Winter has been hard
Sunny days seem far away.
The starlight of this night will guard
The secrets of this day.

We celebrate in Circle round
And urge the flame to rise.
Together its hope we all have found
As the Sun returns to the skies.

The night is calm, the air is chill
As we join in sacred rites
The hope of Spring we now instill
On this holy Imbolc night.

So Blessed Be, and Merry Meet
And may we meet again.
I cannot think of a way to beat
A Sabbat spent with friends.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

Bardic Writings From OMS Members

(The following writings by Artic and Ceridwen were generously submitted to us for the
purpose of sharing their talents and inspirations with the readers of this newsletter)

Channeling of Goddess Brighid - Jan. 23, 2006
by Druid Artic Wolf

As I ponder what to submit to our lovely newsletter I was in a state of dismay because I know that everyone is working hard at his or her poetry, yet I wanted something different. Today as I stared at the Celtic Mandela Calendar I let my mind soften and followed the Celtic knotwork on that beautiful artwork and a thought occurred to me… I had the hit to start channeling 2 days ago, alas who shall I channel? Well today it hit me, my first goddess to channel should be Brighid. I did a small channeling a few months ago from Lemuria and it was well received. So… without further adieu I give you the gift this Imbolg season, a channeling of Goddess Brighid.

My dear children of the Tuatha, 'tis I Goddess Brighid, who comes before you today to announce to the world that I am truly alive in spirit and in the hearts of men, women and children and of the land.

I think it is wonderful how you honor me at Oimealg every year, it and brings a glow to my rose cheeks and sets flame within my heart.

A message for all you for this year especially during this turn of the wheel as many of you call it, brings inspiration. Inspiration from the heart. Please go deep inside your heart to find your messages of life. Go deep inside your heart and bring about love and truth, go deep inside your heart to write your fiction/non fiction stories and poetry. Go deeper yet and you will find yourself there loving and praying from your center. You will find dear ones that the truth of your life is instilled deep inside your soul, which is connected to your heart.

I ask you to show mercy to those how cannot appreciate their own life, give love to those who feel abandoned. Offer hope to those who feel lost, shower all with blessings and love to all you meet. Feed those who cannot feed themselves, and shelter those who have no shelter at all.

Today I give you a gift, a Gift of Inspiration.

Close your eyes and count to 10 backwards, while spiraling downwards. By the time you reach 1 you will be in an area that is pitch black, yet there is life. To the east your feel and find a torch, as you light it from the snap of your fingers you light the eternal flame that sits within the center of this space. As the flame ignites, the room brightens and you look around you see a green glow surrounding you. Here in this room is the light of inspiration that shines from your heart into your soul. As you look to the west, there is tunnel that bends and curves downwards. Taking the torch in your hands you hold it to the eternal flame once more to re-ignite the flame. Then with torch in hand follow this down and you shall be in another room. This room is fully kindled just the flame burns low. Take the torch and touch the low burning flame, see how the flame is suddenly rekindled and bright! Put the torch in the flame for you no longer need it. As you stare into the flame you realize this is the flame of your soul. This is where you come to ignite those passions that you have so forgotten about.

Place you hands in the eternal flame and receive your message of inspiration, whether you are bard, a healer or a crafter. Let this flame reach deep inside the palms of your hands and flow throughout your entire body filling up the entire void that lies stagnant. Stare into the flame and trace yourself back to a life where you once used your skill for the good of self and the tribe and see how it will come forth in this life so it may be beneficial for the clan and tribes of today as well as for yourself

This flame will also entice you to bring back memories of lives of where you were a bardic writer and how you bring forth those qualities once more. This flame will entice you back to the times of when you were a bardic musician and help bring those qualities back into this time as well. As you touch the flame with your hands feelings of inspiration arrive to those who craft with their hands. Hands are ignited with the power of smithing by my power to your hands. For those in the healing profession breath in the flames of inspiration and let this be entwined with your soul in order to bring about healing for others.

After you receive your messages and your gifts, the flame dwindles down smaller however it doesn’t lose its bright glow; you know it is time to leave. Give your gift of thanks and walk back up the tunnel to the first kindled fire. Give a gift of thanks to this fire as well and keep your most precious gift here in this room. You know have the means to come back and retrieve it willingly at your leisure and knowingly it will be used for the good of all.

As you return to this physical world once more breathe in that message of inspiration deep into your lungs fill it up full and release with slow breath.

Dear ones thank you so much for all your hard work during the years, and know that I am forever in your hearts. Know that all your work is not in vain for surely it will bring a change for the good in times to come.

Céad míle beannachta.
One hundred thousand blessings.

Goddess Brighid

Stones and Alban Eiler

Message of the Stones
By Druid Artic Wolf

We are the stones that lie in the hills, the valleys, and the waters. WE are your allies. WE come to you in peace and We are here today to chat with you. We sincerely believe we add great power to your workings by adhering to our codes. WE store the necessary information that you gather and place within us as we too gather information and store within our cell memories. This Alban Eiler season is a special one because this is the year that stones are making a comeback in the Druid anthology.

When Stonehenge was alive and bursting with flavor we too were alive since We are all connected. When Stonehenge was put to rest, We too were put to rest. However this year marks a major change within the stone culture. We are beaming with life again and We desire and need the touch of human’s mind to connect deeply with ours. We wish to present to you humans our knowledge of past connections and information. And today We offer you this guidance.

Many stones have bits of information so in order to get the whole picture several stones must be spoken too. Not every stone contains all the necessary data to make the whole picture so to speak. Each one of us has our special coding. Some of us heal, some of us record, some of us speak, some of us research some of us even stay placed quietly, unnoticed and just simply observe the species surrounding us in our environment.

WE present to you today some bits of advice. First and foremost be gentle with us an certainly be patient, our knowledge lies deep with in and for us to bring it to surface it takes a few moments. Do not strive to obtain all knowledge in one day, its virtually impossible. Do speak words of kindness to us when inquiring information. With this in mind lets proceed to what the other stones have to say.

Message from Stonehenge: WE are the giants that dance in the winds of the time. We have survived many centuries of humans and earth evolvement. Contained within our stone structures are the memories of the Celtic race, their glories, their battles, their ceremonies and their fates. Also within our structure is the knowledge of the ancient druids that celebrated their seasons within our walls. Using your minds eye, reach out to the center of our being. From there one of us will reach out to you and feed you what you need to know about the timeline and their techniques. There will be stories, pictures, words, and symbols, it is up to you to distinguish the information and retrieve it properly. WE wish the earth human species to receive this knowledge at this time for it is their quest and thirst that drives them to succeed. You may make as many trips as you wish, as there is no limit however you will never receive the same information twice.

Message from Crystals and the Gemstones: We are the healers of this planet, some of us are prized for our beauty and are stamped with a high price of monetary funds others are acquired for their healing properties, but under no condition are any of us less than the other. For we all share our own identity. True we are not as popular as the standing giants however we are still a very much human interest. Today we wish to bring you new knowledge to share. Go with your mind’s eye to the center of our being there you will find a inner crystal well, dive deep into that well, knowing that our rough edges will never hurt you. As you reach the core of our being you will see us glowing abundantly, chatting away, evening singing. Listen with your inner ear and you will hear the ancient knowledge being presented to you. Absorb this through your own core and let it mingle and let it delve deep into your cellular structure. Bring this up to your heart and treasure it always.

Message from the Sedona Stones: We are the Red Rocks that stand in the hot desert sun. WE too have seen ancient civilizations come and go and all their ceremonies, lives, and energy are stored with in us. Humans say we are a vortex when actually we are merely a catalyst for the energy to continue to exist. Here within us lie the ancient truths of civilizations of the various galaxies that have visited us; it is from them that we have gained our power. Come! Closer! Come with in our walls, and see the symbology left behind! Decipher the meanings that the first beings on earth left behind. See how they relate to your present life.

Message from the lesser stones: WE are the lesser stones that are usually forgotten about, we are the river stones, the standing granite, the garden stones and the pebble on the side of road. We too have a purpose on this earth and we too contain knowledge from eons ago. Today, We would like to share this with you. And make it known that WE are a vital source of information, if you only ask. Look around you We are everywhere! Perhaps it may not be the arcane knowledge of the Druid-hood but of ancient civilizations of your area. WE are here and WE desire to work with you, if you only give us a chance. Reach, reach out, harder! Make contact, talk to us! We will share with you what we know.

This ends the transmission of us stones. From this day forward each of you will becoming in your own power while receiving the vital information necessary to enhance the next stage of your growth.

This next offering is a work in progress - started in 1976 and sporadically added to over the last 30 years...

Awen inspired me to narrate a story that would appeal to young people (and/or any beginners in the study of the 22 paths) of the Fool's journey through the Major Arcana, relatively in the "traditional" sequence.

The images in the story were inspired by the Paul Foster Case Tarot Deck from the Builders of the Adytum Mystery School. They came with the designs already outlined in black and white, and I painted them with watercolors - following the explicit instructions from the lessons)...some of them are a bit aged and sun-faded, but not too bad, considering that they are made of 30-year-old posterboard!

A Tarot Story
by Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, A.D.






The Fool smiles. A lofty goal he has in mind, symbolized by the far-off mountain peakat which he stares. “I have everything I will need for this journey,” he says to himself, referring to the small red satchel he carries, which contains his accumulated wisdom and experience. “I am well-prepared.” Tugging at the hem of his tunic, his little dog accompanies him to the edge of a precipice, over-looking a great abyss. Pausing, the Fool takes a deep breath, smells the white rose he carries, hugs his pup good-bye – then, with eyes fixed on his distant goal, he steps off the edge of the precipice, into the empty air...


His next awareness of himself comes shortly after his “leap of faith.” He is on a dirt road lined with stately elm trees. Whistling merrily, he walks along, smelling the fresh country air and buoyed by a sense of adventure. Eventually he encounters a young man standing beside a table, his right arm raised, his right hand holding a wand, his left hand pointing downward toward a garden of lilies and roses. His eyes are closed and he seems to be in deep concentration. The Fool waits patiently until the young man becomes aware of his presence and opens his eyes – and what compelling eyes they are – gazing at him (or into him) with unfathomable wisdom and love.

“Excuse me, kind sir, but I am new in this land and on a very important quest. I am seeking guidance as to how to begin my journey. Might I ask your name?”

The young man looks long at the Fool before replying, “I am called the Magician in these parts, and I do perform some small service to the community with my arts. Working with the four elements, as you can see by the implements on the table, I teach concentration, focus, and the law of infinity. Who is it that I am addressing?”

The Fool, who had been listening to the Magician in undisguised awe, hastily responds, “I am the Young Innocent, the Quester of the Soul. I seek to master the limitations of this world, while at the same time learning of the beauty, the wisdom and the truth about the Sacred Marriage.”

Smiling enigmatically, the Magician remarks, “Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place for that and more! Here is a gift to start you on your way.” He hands the Fool a small pentacle. “The points represent the four elements plus spirit – use it to keep you focused and grounded as you pass through this realm.”

As the Fool bows deeply in respect and gratitude, the Magician closes his eyes and resumes his concentration...


Thoughtfully placing the pentacle in his pouch, the Fool continues on his way. The land begins to change as the road becomes an uphill grade. The trees thin and sculptured gardens come into view - in the center of which is a small temple. Something about the way the light refracts off the walls and the aura of serenity surrounding the place beckons to the weary traveler. Intrigued, he approaches the structure. The pillars, one black and one white, are silhouetted against the sunset sky; hanging between them is a veil with a most curious design printed upon it – pomegranates and palms – but what really captures the attention of the Fool is the ornately-dressed woman seated in front of the veil on a large stone cube. Her attire resembles that of a High Priestess: the crown of silver on her head, showing the full moon and its waxing and waning crescents; her long blue gown with bits of white mixed in – it looks like moving water as it trails away from her feet; he can’t see where it ends. She holds in her lap a parchment scroll, which she is reading. A great calm surrounds her - in the fading light she appears almost translucent.

Fascinated, the Fool slowly approaches her. She looks up from her reading and a smile forms on her lips. Her eyes are the colour of the sea at twilight, and as he gazes into them, he feels himself relaxing and beginning to fall into a trance...

He tears his gaze away and bows deeply. “Greetings, my lady,” he says, almost whispering. “What a peaceful place this is!”

She doesn’t speak - just nods her head in reply. Motioning for him to approach, she hands him the scroll. As he opens his mouth to inquire why, she puts her finger to her lips, indicating that he should look at it in silence. Resignedly, he begins to read the ornate script and suffers a bit of a shock – it’s about his life since he arrived in the physical realm! He sees it happening all over again in his mind’s eye. When his awareness returns to the present, he finds her looking at him again with those ocean eyes filled with compassion. Suddenly, he knows what she represents: memory, the subconscious, serenity, silence. Deeply moved, he gives her a parting smile and, since it is quite dark by now, goes off to find a sheltering tree, under which he falls into a deep, dreamless sleep...


The Fool is awakened by bright sunlight and birdsong. Stretching lazily, he watches for a moment as the pretty little creatures do their aerial dance. Upon rising and looking around, he sees a river that he hadn’t noticed before – it seems to originate from the direction of the temple he left the night before. Ever curious, he follows the flowing water to see where it might take him. The vegetation becomes more prolific and varied, and occasionally he stops to pick some berries to eat along the way. The once peaceful river is flowing more and more quickly, becoming a churning rapids. He continues along it until the land gives way and the water pours off the edge, becoming a powerful waterfall!

Peering down to where it resumes its rivercourse, he is struck by the incredible vista before him – it is lush with all types of vegetation, but particularly a golden field of ripening grain – and right in the middle of this colourful scene sits a woman, dressed in green.

“Now this clearly requires investigating,” he thinks to himself. Weaving between some cypress trees that are swaying softly in the morning breeze, he climbs down to get a closer look. After some precarious footing he eventually makes it onto level ground. The fragrance of a multitude of wildflowers encompasses him; breathing deeply, he tries to identify the various types…

Again he follows the river as it meanders through the lush growth, leading him ever closer to the mysterious lady. She seems to glow in the morning light – especially just above her head, where he counts twelve stars above the crown she wears. He almost needs to shade his eyes – so bright is she to look upon! The green of her gown is the vibrant shade of the first leaves of Spring; the bronze heart-shaped shield she carries under her right arm reflects like a mirror; her face has the glow of one who is pregnant, new life stirring within her. In her left hand she holds a small sphere.

As he approaches, she gives him a joyful greeting. “Welcome to my garden, young traveler! What a fine thing it is to have company on this beautiful morning!” He is slightly surprised at her exuberance, particularly after the quietness and non-verbal nature of his interaction with the High Priestess.

Quickly recovering his composure, he gives her a friendly bow and returns her greeting. He notices that her eyes are the same bright green as her gown, and there is a mischievous twinkle in them. He is overcome by a sudden compulsion to laugh! She joins him, and the sound of their laughter fills the valley.

“I am the Empress, and my realm is creative imagination,” she says, her voice like the sound of twinkling bells. “And you need not tell me who you are – I’ve been expecting you; the river told me of your coming.”

“But how…?” The Fool looks suspiciously at the river, then back at her.

Her voice takes on a more serious tone as she continues: “I have a message for you – look into my shield…”

As he does so, a picture begins to form – that of the astrological symbol for Venus; then shifting and changing, it becomes the face of the Goddess Herself! He hears her voice inside his head, saying, “…Thou who seekest to find me, know that thy seeking and yearning shall avail thee not lest thou knowest the Mystery: that if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee; for behold, I have been with thee from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire…”

Her face slowly disappears and one more face comes into view: she looks strangely familiar – in fact, she could be the feminine counterpart of the Fool himself! All too quickly, her image fades away and is replaced by his own reflection once again. His legs no longer support him – he falls to his knees and squeezes his eyes shut, trying desperately to recapture the image of his “twin.”

“Fear not,” whispers the Empress, “You will see her again.” She reaches out to brush a single tear from his cheek before helping him to his feet. He smiles shakily, but is heartened by the absolute confidence in her voice.

Picking up his things, he thanks her for her guidance and encouragement and sets off toward the mountains he sees in the distance. Behind him he hears her fading voice saying, “Remember the words of the Great Mother…”


After catching and eating some fish from the river, the Fool heads up into the foothills. The river is now far below and a rich turquoise colour. The mountains are bright red – in sharp contrast to the green he left behind. The air is becoming thinner and increasingly arid; high overhead, the sun is baking down on him. Removing his cloak and wiping his forehead, he climbs ever higher, when suddenly he sees a glint of light, golden in colour.

Never one to keep from satisfying his curiosity, he heads in that direction, ignoring the steepness of the climb and the increasing pain in his feet. Sweating profusely by now, he finally reaches the flattened top of the mountain and finds that the golden light is caused by a crowned helmet reflecting the noonday sun. On top of the dome-shaped helmet is the astrological symbol for Aries, and beneath it sits a powerful-looking man dressed in armour. There are ram’s heads on his tabard and on the front of his throne. Regally surveying his realm, he holds a sceptre in one hand and an upside down Venus symbol in the other. A formidable presence he has, and the Fool is hesitant to approach him.

Gray hair blowing in the wind, the man turns his eagle-like eyes toward the young traveler and fixes him with a piercing stare. In a loud, booming voice, accustomed to authority, the older man demands, “Who is it that passes this way, for I am the Emperor, and all who journey through this realm answer to me!”

Gulping nervously, the Fool introduces himself. Not used to such gruffness, he gives the Emperor a fumbling description of his quest, ending with, “I meant no trespass, Sire; I’ll just be on my way.”

Softening somewhat, for the Emperor is not without compassion, he advises the seeker, “Follow the path that winds between those two hills.” He points in the indicated direction. “There is one there who may be of some assistance to you; a teacher of those paths not visible to the naked eye. When the road forks, keep to the right until you come to a bridge. After crossing it, you will take a small footpath that follows along the riverbank until you come to a small cave. Enter it and you will find the one who will guide your next steps.”

With a sigh of relief, the Fool thanks him and sets off down the path. It becomes cooler as he descends – he dons his cloak once more. As he walks, his mind is buzzing with all manner of thoughts about his encounter with the Emperor: “He is the epitome of majesty, one who is unmistakably in control over his environment, a ruler of his circumstances, aware of all aspects of the material world.” This line of thought then leads to the inevitable conclusion: “He is the logical consort of the Empress – he gives form to her ideas!”

Priding himself on his deductive reasoning, the Fool marches on…


The land becomes more fertile once again, and the seeker gratefully breathes in the verdant aroma. Having been lost in thought, he just now realizes that it is starting to grow dark; the path proceeds into a forest, increasing the effect. The high-pitched sounds of crickets fill his ears, and he shivers with a sudden chill. His empty stomach sends him an unmistakable signal, so he is especially relieved to come upon a small clearing in the middle of which is an apple tree! The fruit is ripe and inviting, so he takes this opportunity to satisfy his hunger and rest a bit…

Energized once again, the Fool feels a renewed urgency to find the cave before nightfall so he hurries on again. Before long, he comes to the bridge. The river is relatively calm here so he takes advantage of the chance to fill his waterskin and has a good long drink before proceeding across. Luckily, the full moon is rising to light his way along the narrow riverbank path – he can just make it out.

Just when he starts to think that he’ll have to give up for the night, he stumbles upon the cave. “Finally!” he sighs as he shivers from the cold evening air. Unfortunately, he has no torch to light his way, so he cautiously steps into the dark, feeling his way along the damp wall. Without warning, a swarm of bats flutters loudly past his head and out into the indigo sky! Instinctively ducking and covering his head, the Fool waits patiently until they are all gone before moving on.

Suddenly overcome with fatigue, and hesitant to continue through the darkness, he resignedly sits and leans against the wall, facing the opening, and wraps his cloak tightly around himself. Almost immediately, he falls into a deep sleep…

Strange images fill his dreams – unfamiliar faces with their eyes looking at him and their mouths moving, speaking to him, but he cannot hear what they are saying. Next he sees a human brain, split in half, with a bridge spanning the two halves! Then animals, sphinxes, angels…

He awakens with a start – the sun is shining through the opening, enough for him to see his surroundings and remember where he is. Something else had awakened him, however; something just at the edge of hearing…then he hears them again – bells! The deep, rich sound is coming from a small archway to his left. Rising stiffly and brushing himself off, he limps toward the portal and looks inside. There is a narrow hallway, glowing slightly due to the phosphorescence of the rocky walls.

Curiosity overcoming caution as usual, he decides to see where it leads. Again the sound of bells reaches him, growing increasingly louder. Quickening his pace, he follows the sound until he comes to a dark, wooden door with esoteric symbols carved into it and a huge brass knocker in the shape of a bull’s head.

“What now?” he thinks to himself as he pauses before the huge door. Then he remembers the words of the Emperor: “…Enter it and you will find the one who will guide your next steps…” Taking a deep breath, he grabs the brass ring in the nose of the bull’s head and knocks…

The door creaks open as if some invisible hand is pulling it, and he timidly enters. Before him is a huge chamber with a high, vaulted ceiling, and at the far wall is an intriguing scene: an imposing figure in priestly robes, a three-tiered mitre on his head, an impressive-looking staff in his left hand, his right hand raised in the sign for blessing. He is seated upon a stone throne with bull’s heads carved into the sides. Before him are two men on their knees, looking up at him in supplication – one has lilies on his robe; the other, roses. The cleric gives the kneeling men a subtle signal and they get up and leave through a side door – then, smiling, he beckons to the Fool to come forward.

As he approaches, the young quester is filled with a sense of deja’ vu – this man’s face is somehow familiar to him, but he can’t quite remember…oh yes, the dream he had last night – this was one of the faces that spoke to him!

Eyes the colour of the brown bull’s hide stare patiently back at him; such fathomless eyes they are – the Fool feels like he can fall into them, deeper, deeper – luminous brown orbs fill his scope of vision. A still, small voice speaks from deep within him – from his center: “Be calm, relax, breathe, quiet the voice of your mind, for only then can you hear the voice of in-tuition, the inner teacher. Ask what you will…

Almost unbidden, the image of the bridged halves of the brain appears before his mind’s eye for a brief instant, then disappears. “What is the meaning of this recurring picture?” he asks out loud, momentarily startled by the sound of his voice.

“Intuition is the bridge that connects the logical, rational left brain with the creative, telepathic right brain,” answers the cleric, his voice again seeming to come from within the Fool.

“Who are you?” queries the young seeker, feeling strangely transparent to this man.

“They call me the ‘Hierophant’ and other related names. I am a guide of the inner depths of humanity; the paths less traveled by the common neophyte. Fear me not, for I am here to help you if you will remain receptive to the quiet voice within, to your ‘hunches’ or ‘gut feelings.’ All too often I am ignored, much to the distress of those who quest for wisdom and enlightenment, but sooner or later they learn to follow my guidance.”

Filled with an increasing sense of well being and trust, the Fool relaxes and thinks about what he has just heard. At first, he considers telling the Hierophant the nature of his quest, but then he realizes that this man most likely already knows more about his quest than he does!

Still, there is one more question that he feels compelled to ask…


“What can you tell me about the Sacred Marriage?”

“Oh, that!” laughs the Hierophant. “They all want to know that one!” Thoughtfully ignoring the sudden blush on the cheeks of the Fool, the wise one instructs him to be seated and close his eyes. “Breathe slowly and deeply and look into your heart – and listen.”

With a mixture of emotions, the Fool does as he is told. For what seems to be a long time, he sees nothing at all. “Don’t try too hard,” he reminds himself. Then, almost imperceptibly, a strange sensation courses through his body – a dizzy, spinning feeling…

Suddenly he finds himself standing in a valley – completely naked – and not very far away stands a woman, facing him, equally naked! Above and between them, floating on a small cloud, is an angel, arms outstretched over them both.

The Fool, however, barely notices the angel, for he is overcome with a deja’ vu-type feeling about the woman – he’s seen that face before – in a heart-shaped bronze shield in the Empress’ garden! Here she is, his feminine counterpart, his twin – yet instead of returning his gaze, she is calmly looking up at the angel! In vain, he tries to get her attention, until he again hears the “voice” inside him…

(To be continued…)

© 1976-2006

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Bridget Bright

She is known as Brigid Bright,
Goddess who shines against the night.

At Cille Dara, at the setting sun,
Her sacred flame is kept by one.

Nineteen times the earth turns round,
As sacred springs come forth the ground.

Twenty times the sun has burned,
And now the Goddess has returned.

Alone she tends her thrice-bright flame,
Born of her heart that bears her name.

The Dagda knows Brigid as Daughter,
Triple Blessed by fire and water.

Poets call her name to inspire.
And healers oft gain from her fire.

Wayland too would know her well
As hammer and anvil ring like a bell.

A sorrowful cry did she give meaning,
When first she brought to Eire keening.

Oh Sacred Fire against darkest night,
Burn for Brigid, for Brigid Bright!

Fire in the head...to quicken us.
Fire in the cauldron...to heal us.
Fire in the forge of the heart...to temper us.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

Reiki and Druids?
by Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, A.D.

I have recently completed my training to become a Reiki Master, and have been teaching classes and passing along attunements to some of the local Pagans in our area.

Now, you might be asking yourself, "What does this have to do with Druidry?" Well, possibly a lot, as it turns out! I will attempt to explain...

What is Reiki?

The simplest definition of the workd Reiki is: Universal or Spiritual (Rei) Life Force or Energy (Ki). The Reiki system is a simple and powerful modality of energy work that anyone can use for developing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony and wholeness in themselves and for assisting others.

Reiki functions on the energy body first, usually following acupuncture and acupressure meridians but is not limited to them. The practitioner uses the Reiki energy to help people move and balance energy, remove blocks, repair tears in the aura and help restore health and well being.

The Reiki practitioner places their hands on or near the recipient and "runs" Reiki energy while placing their hands over a series of locations on the recipient's body. Reiki flows through the practitioner, but is not generated by the practioner. The beauty of this - and what separates it from other healing modalities - is that, since you are not using your own energy, you don't get drained! You are merely a "conduit" - a clear channel or vessel - for the energy to flow through.

Advanced practitioners are able to give treatments without touching the recipient, and can even send treatments long distances, even to people on other continents.

This energy is the life force that permeates the universe - a certain "bandwidth" of it, that is...

Can Druids use Reiki?

Anyone can channel healing energy. This ability can be acquired by an energetic transmission from one person (a Reiki Master) to another (a student). These transmissions are called "attunements", or "empowerments", or sometimes, "initiations". An attunement transmits the ability to channel Reiki and clears any energy blocks to that ability.

The attunement opens up the palm chakras (and other energy channels if needed) and connects one to the specific Reiki Shakti healing frequencies. It also allows one to direct these energies for specific purposes. Most people's hands get hot when they channel this energy, although not everyone feels the same thing...

Anyone can get these attunements and channel Reiki. It requires no special abilities, and is a reliable way of doing healing treatments for yourself and others.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment, nor is it a diagnostic system. Reiki is an "intellent" energy of love and wholeness, and will go where it is needed.

When you use Reiki, you will find many creative ways to work with and gain value from it. Druids can "charge up" their magickal tools, jewelry, crystals, altar, etc. with this energy, and it is also great for cleansing a sacred space, or for helping you to ground and center yourself and get your chakras balanced and spinning!

There are 3 Reiki levels, or "degrees" - each one more complex than the one before.

The 1st degree mainly establishes the "channel" - with it you can do healings on yourself and on others who are physically present...

With the 2nd degree, you learn "distance" healing, and get introduced to the Reiki Symbols, which will aid you in this - plus your channel gets wider and flows more strongly...

The 3rd degree is the "Master" degree - with it you will be shown the process of teaching others and passing on the attunements to them. Not everyone takes advantage of this - we don't all want to be teachers - but those of us who do go the whole route find immense satisfaction and joy in making this healing modality available to anyone who wishes to learn it...

I personally have found that it greatly enhances my Druidic path - in fact, it can blend seamlessly with any religion or lifepath, as it is not a religion. Not only does it involve healing, but also it raises the vibration of your physical body and all of your subtle bodies, continuously fine-tuning and strengthening your connection with your higher self, guides and the All That Is - even when you are not directly using it. In fact, it was originally taught long ago as a path to enlightenment - and the healing part came as an unexpected, but pleasant side-benefit!

I have noticed some profound changes in myself since I began channeling this energy. I am even more even-tempered than usual, more grounded and balanced, and am making decisions in my life that are helping me to move along more efficiently on my spiritual path. I do two complete self-healing sessions per day - first thing when I wake up and the last thing before I go to sleep. The affects are cumulative, and if you keep a journal, you will find yourself quite amazed at so many subtle changes in a relatively short period of time!

There are other Mithrils who practice Reiki too: I know Artic is a Master of several different types of Reiki, as well as other healing modalities. Sezo is a practitioner as well - not sure what degree off hand...and your preceptor has taken one of my classes and will be getting his 2nd degree this month...

With the classes I teach, the students get a certificate after each completed degree course, as well as a practitioner's manual on disk. I have only taught "live" classes so far, but am considering teaching online classes at some point - we'll see if there's enough interest for that...

The uses for this energy modality are limited only to one's imagination - in other words, they are infinite! You can bless your food with it, charge up your vitamins or meds so that they will work more efficiently in your body...you can Reiki your computer and other electronics...you can Reiki your pets and plants...your car...anything you can think of can benefit from this energy. In fact, it's one of the nicest things you can do for your favourite tree(s), or for the Earth Mother in general - and we all know that She can use all the healing energy she can get! Isn't that one of the things we Druids feel called to do?


As of today we have 154 members, of which:
23 members are eligible for ordination into the First Degree.
16 members are ordained First Degree Druids.
2 members are eligible for ordination into the Second Degree
7 members are ordained Second Degree Druids
2 members are eligible for ordination into the Third Degree
9 members are ordained Third Degree Druids
7 members are eligible for ordination into the Fourth Degree
1 member is an ordained Fifth Degree Druid
2 members are ordained Seventh Degree Druids

During the season of Geimredh, the Order experienced a net Membership gain of 2

Total Groves: 2 (+ 2 new Proto-Groves)
Total US Members: 121
Total Canadian Members: 9
Total UK Members: 5
Total International Members: 24
Total Countries represented: 8
Total US States represented: 37
Total Canadian Provinces represented: 6
Top 5 US States: OR=12, CA=13, WA=11, FL=11, NY=7
Total members in areas with Redwood Groves: 5

The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You're one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
A cloud comes over the sunlit arch,
A wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you're two months back in the middle of March.

Robert Frost (1874–1963)
Two Tramps in Mud Time (1936)


Ceridwen currently has four Advanced sessions and one Intermediate session in progress. Because of this large amount of classes, she is taking a long "hiatus" from the group class format for quite some time (at least until all of her current students graduate)...

Ceridwen is, however still offering PRIVATE TUTORING sessions! Because of the increased "personal attention" these entail, there will be a sliding scale fee required...

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, or need more information about it, send an email to: Ceridwen Subject line: AstroPagan private tutoring

You will then be contacted immediately and a private database and schedule will be set up that will conform to your own personal needs - NO WAITING! All of the pertinent charts and tables will be calculated and sent to you, as you need them. Each lesson will be offered whenever YOU are ready for it - no homework deadlines! - and if you need to take time off at any point for personal business or holidays or whatever reason, your schedule will be adjusted accordingly!


If you are interested in a private consultation about your Astrological chart, please visit her home page at:


The Legend of Dalon ap Landu

Part the First

The Chronicle and the Ballad
of the Death of Dalon ap Landu

Click the above to read it, (scroll down about half way or so) then use your back button to return here.
(No, we could not get permission from the author to quote it here)


Part the Second

The Chronicle of His Resurrection

(Channeled by Members of OMS)

God’s do not die, though sometimes they may appear to be dead. And so it was that the Cailleach, who knew this only too well, took the comatose Dalon Ap Landu to a far off place, a place where he would be born anew, a place where she knew they would honor the young God.

And it came to pass that the Cailleach brought the comatose body of Dalon Ap Landu to a place known to human kind as “Big Basin Redwoods State Park,” in the area of North America known as California. 

It was mid March, near the turn of the century.  Two magicians sat together in the park, amongst the Old Ones, having partaken of much Guinness Stout and a little bit of Garberville Purple. They were drawn to a “fairy ring,” a circle of Redwoods all growing from the same root system, once owned by a long dead old growth, who is but a memory now.  In the center of the ring the pair thought they could see a faint glow. A pair of antlers could be seen laying sideways, as if their owner were taking a nap.  The magi backed off a bit, as there was nothing more dangerous than a startled buck Elk.

As Elrond backed off though, he stepped on a twig. “Snap” went the twig, the sound being heard for yards around. Suddenly the Elk stood up! But it was no elk, nay, it was what looked like a man wearing the antlers of an elk. But Adam and Elrond knew only too well that this was no man they looked upon, it was a God!  Perhaps Cernunnos or Hern? But no, this God was not as tall or as old looking as they would have expected the elder God of the forest to be.

Indeed, they were right for this was Dalon ap Landu, reborn and refreshed. He stood before them in the moonlight.  Young, strong and commanding, and yet, serene, like a Buddhist monk. And he was glowing with the light of Awen, emanating from a single star – with seven points.

Dalon spoke to the two: “Hail and welcome, my two Druids! Tell me: who are you?”

Adam spoke first: “Though I am a Bard, neither of us are of the Druids. We are but nestlings of the Church of All Worlds.”  “Ah, my friends!  So you think,” said the God, “I recognize Druidry when I see it. And you two are definitely Druids, of the Reformed type I perceive.”  “How do you know,” asked Elrond, perplexed and wondering if this was all a dream. “I know because I am the very God of the Druids, and the Patron of those ranked 3rd among them.”  “Young Adam is a Bard, which is a type of Druid anyway.” “You, Sybok, are not only a Druid, but you are destined to pilot the ship of Reformed Druid revival.” “But my name is Elrond,” exclaimed Elrond.  “Ah!,” said Dalon., “Your name WAS Elrond, but this night, under this moon, I name thee “Sybok” – and the two of you shall go forth, and you shall found a new order of the Reformed Druids, an order that shall honor my name, and these, my sacred trees.” “In this new order you shall teach your fellow earthlings to abandon the dogma and doctrine of  conventional society, and embrace the freedom, equality and liberty of the fraternity of the Gods, and in so doing you shall all become Gods and Goddesses among men.” “As a sign of your solidarity to nature, ye shall wear the sign of the seven pointed star of mithril and it shall be to you as an inspiration and source of the Awen, and I shall be thy protector and thy patron forevermore, for the Druids of the new reform have abandoned me to death, and so I have likewise abandoned them to stagnation.”

And so it was that Adam Walks Between Worlds and Sybok Pendderwydd encountered Dalon ap Landu in the great  Redwood forest and founded the Order of the Mithril Star.

* * *

A few years later, in Redwood National Park, a Druid was taking her vigil for the 3rd Order. This is her account:

It must have been three AM at least, and I was having trouble staying awake. Suddenly, I heard a noise from what seemed to be a few yards from my campsite. I sat quietly, my entire attention riveted towards the source of the sound - a "fairy ring" that I had purposely camped close to. I thought I could see antlers between the great trees, both in the shadow and in the light of the Full Moon. I heard a rustle in the trees, and then a voice: "Ceridwen, daughter of the Goddess, are you here?" It was a male voice - a human male voice. Was I tripping? I heard it again: "Ceridwen, daughter of the Goddess, are you here?" A voice inside my head, my spirit guide I believe, nudged me to answer, but I was too awe-struck. Once more the God inquired: "Ceridwen, daughter of the Goddess, are you here?" Finally I said, "I am here, Lord!" And out of the fairy ring, a mystical portal, appeared a tall naked man. Naked except for some jewelry, and covered in wode. A living snake hung around his neck like a chain. But most remarkably, he had antlers!

"I am called Dalon Ap Landu!," he said. "I am patron of those Druids called to the Priesthood." "I know who you are Lord," I said, my heart pounding in my chest. "Thank you for attending my vigil." "It is my pleasure my lady," said the God, "I have a message for you, and I have someone I want you to meet." "A message, m'lord?," I said, wanting to give all due respect. "Yes, m'lady," said Dalon, "But first you must meet my friend."

Then, on the Redwood nearest me, which must have been at least 1,000 years old, judging from it's great gerth, a burl began to glow with a soft green light. As it glowed, it grew into an oval shape, and as I watched, fascinated, I could see that it was also a portal. Within it I began to see a shape forming. The shape was that of a woman, and she appeared as if stepping out of the tree itself. "Is she a Dryad?," I thought to myself. And lo, as she took form in the moonlight, I could see that she was in fact a Goddess. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her naked body was framed by the longest red hair I have ever seen. On her body was painted various symbols, spirals, triskelles, some of which I recognized and some I did not. On her forehead, on the place called the "third Eye" was seven pointed star in silver.

Dalon spoke: "Her name is Sequoia, and she is the Goddess of the great coast Redwoods and Queen of the elves, faries and devas that live in these ancient forests. It is she that has a message for you, and a mission for those whom you will soon lead..."

(The next part is, of course, personal...but it had such a profound effect on Ceridwen's life that she emerged from her vigil a changed Druid - one with a silent strength and a renewed purpose - who, as Arch-Druid, would eventually lead the Mithrils in a new direction...)

(To be continued...)

Even today Dalon and his friend Sequoia can be encountered in the Redwoods of Humboldt County, a few hundred miles north of that first meeting place of the mithrils.  Here today a Druid candidate for the third order, in vigil as preparation for that calling, is very likely to encounter one or both of them while in vigil, for they are waiting for you in the trees of Redwood National Park.

The Call of Spring
by Elaine Hindle
(Reprinted with permission)

Trees lie dormant
Black branches
cast an interlocked curtain
Against a slate grey sky

A full Moon
Forms a frosty halo
Soft white mist
Clings to distant hills

The earth lies waiting
A nut brown shell
Waiting to crack
With the first spring rain

A small shoot
Struggles to be born
Green with life

A snowdrop raises its tiny head
Small white bells
Ringing in a new year
First one
Then another
Then another
Gathering pace

A splash of yellow and purple
A palate of colour
Crocus burst forth
Through the frost tipped grass

A robin flits from branch to branch
Bearing his heart
His sweet song
Heralds the maiden's arrived
The sun has seen her coming
And stretches forth to greet her
The earth feels the warmth
Of their embrace

Winter's grip is waning
As the world awakes
To the sights and sounds
Of new found growth

For winter's rains and ruins are over,
And all the season of snows and sins;
The days dividing lover and lover,
The light that loses, the night that wins;
And time remembered is grief forgotten,
And frosts are slain and flowers begotten,
And in green underwood and cover
Blossom by blossom the spring begins.

Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837–1909)
Atalanta in Calydon (1865)


Today is Imbolc, or February 1, 2006 CE.

It is the 1st day of the Season of Earrach, and the 1st day of the Month of Mi na hOimelc.

It is also Wednesday, in the common tongue, or Dydd Mercher in Welsh.

It is the Druidic day of the Hazel.

NEW MOONS occur on 28 Earrach, 57 Earrach and 86 Earrach.
occur on 13 Earrach, 42 Earrach, and 72 Earrach.

The Sun enters Pisces on 18 Earrach.

Honorary Reformed Druid and environmental hero, Julia Butterfly Hill was born 18 Earrach YR 12.

Me·n Earrach (March ) begins on 29 Earrach

Honorary Reformed Druid and filk-Bard Leslie Fish was born on 39 Earrach. She is the author of our official hymn, "Sequoia Sempervirons."

Order of the Mithril Star was conceived on 44 Earrach YR 34, at Big Basin Redwoods State Park (Boulder Creek California).

"Bring Back the Snakes Day" observed, 46 Earrach.

Ostara / Alban Eiler, or the Spring Equinox occurs on 48 Earrach.

The Sun enters Aries on 48 Earrach.

Deireadh Earraigh (April) begins on 60 Earrach
(a Saturday - Dydd Sadwrn -- Day of the Coast Redwood).

Daylight Savings Time begins on 61 Earrach.

The Sun enters Taurus on 78 Earrach.

Earth Day is observed on 81 Earrach.

The Season of Samradh, the first day of MÌ na Beltaine, 1 Samradh 44, the Festival of Beltane begins at Sunset on April 30th.

*** Cool Site Recommendation for Imbolc Recipes ***

Imbolc by Akasha

Imbolc Celebration Recipes

“Traditional foods for the Imbolc celebration include those made with seeds, (to symbolize growth), raisins (a fruit of the Sun God), pork, poultry, or lamb, with sides of potatoes, cabbage, onions, and garlic. Imbolc is the mid-point of the dark half of the year, and though stored foods are running low, it is a celebration of renewal and preparation for Spring…”

Maiden Wakes Muffins

Returning Sun Spice Bread

Bride's Brunch

Ewe-L" Love This Potato Soup

Winter's Light Creamed Cabbage

Imbolc Feast Lamb Stew

Blessed Bride's Cake

Imbolc Ritual Cake

May the light of love and devotion shine brightly in your hearts.
May the light of understanding shine in your minds.
May the light of harmony glow in your home.
May the light of service shine forth ceaselessly from your hands.
May the light of peace emanate from your being.
May your presence light the lamps of love and peace wherever you go.

The Mother Grove wishes all of you
a most inspiring Imbolc, a joyous Ostara,
and abundant blessings throughout the season!

May you never thirst!

Arch-Druid Ceridwen Seren-Ddaear, Managing Editor/Webmaster
Sybok Pendderwydd, Preceptor
Cylch Cerddwyr Rhwng y Bydoedd Grove, OMS


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