A Redwood Has Fallen -
A Tribute to OMS/RDG Druid Mareth
Archdruid of the Grove of the Ravenswood

Generously contributed by OMS/RDG Druid Penda

(Editor's Note: Archdruid Mareth has been a much-beloved member of OMS/RDG since Sept. 19, 2007. She passed on from this world on December 29, 2009, not long from her upcoming birthday of January 11. Although her time with us was short, she rose quickly through the ranks by her dedicate work and had just reached 7th degree - one of only a handful of Druids who have reached that rank in the Order of the Mithril Star! She served as Archdruid of her Middleburg, Florida Grove of the Ravenswood and performed her final ritual this past Winter Solstice. OMS/RDG has lost a bright shining light and she will greatly missed by us all...)

The night you left us
I saw an owl
It cruised the air right before us
A dark silhouette with a rounded face sliding on silent wind
As we drove
Headed home on a normal, everyday evening.
When the news came it scrambled my mind and all thoughts
Turned circles wondering why, how, HOW something
This unfair could happen.
We never think of those around us as temporary;
The assumption is that things will stay the same and time
Will seal things as they are
All the while the sands in the hourglass steal away, unknown
To blissfully ignorant us.
The night after, everything seemed
Far from usual and safe; I peered into a frigid cold sky
Shot full of icy stars glaring down and a near full moon,
There was a fairy ring, laid clear in a wide berth around
Framing almost the reach of the frigid three quarter sphere
And the universe breathed.