Hymn to the Earth Mother

Generously contributed by ADF/RDG Druid Melissa S Burchfield
Bard, Three Cranes Grove, ADF

The sun sets
The river flows
The flowers bloom
The seasons pass
All things reflect your majesty in their time

The green leaves on the trees dance
Moved by the breath from your lips
As you kiss each one
Each tiny gift of life
All things basks in your love

The rocks and stones and ancient bones
Return to you once more
For your body is the land
Constant and providing
All things are held in your embrace

Giver of grain of fruits and of seeds
Our strength, our support, our sustainer
To you we give praise
To you we make offerings from heart and hand
All things we do in your honor

The beautiful mountains
The shining sea
The endless bounty
All things spring worship unto your name
To your majesty, Earth Mother
To your constancy, All Mother
To your love, Our Mother
All things reflect your beauty in their way