Ogham Reading Series - Spring

Generously contributed by Rev. Druid Patricia Vialpando,
Arch Druid, Circle of Stones, OMS/RDG Druid Grove

Sparking the Triskele

Gwyl Mair arrives from the depths of winter to our nudge our hearts desire into sparking our intention as the soul shifts us forward by aligning with the energy of the awakening season.


As the blossom waits to its arrival, the nectar of life is found within the bud.
Quert brings happiness; it signals that love and joy are traveling through the air intoxicating our minds and hearts with the renewal of life. A new liveliness appears within each gaited step while nature invites us to dance. Is this a yes?


Peering up to the dark blue sky the rays of the Awen shower down in cascades of shimmering seeds.

Ohn immerses itself outwards reaching for the light to harness the creative ideas that are constantly pouring in to help with the path we chose on Alban Arthuran. Center the emotions to expose the inspiration.

Beith-Birch (reversed)

My time is done and I move on, as do all who walk this sacred cycle of life.
Beith in the physical sense, completed her winter healing, it is time to plant feet firmly on ground and take those first steps necessary to bring creative ideas into manifestation upon the earth plane. The Lady of the Woods is urging us to open up and receive the love and beauty this season has to offer.


Meditate with each Ogham individually either as symbol or tree to sense its vibration. When the vibrations are attained, retain them while visualizing/feeling a triskele with all three spirals spinning upon the heart chakra. Quert in the realm of Sky, Ohn in the realm of Sea and Beith in the realm of Land. In the center (sovereignty) of the triskele is the Cauldron of Life (fire). Feel/know the life-force of sovereignty is reaching out and connecting to each of the spirals, sparking each one into life. As the spirals are igniting with energy, place your intention in the cauldron in the center of the triskele then visualize/sense the 3 (three) Ogham sending energy back into the cauldron simultaneously to ignite the intention. Sense its aliveness merging deep within you expanding outwards to your aura and beyond to prepare itself for outward manifestation.

Perform daily, weekly or as needed to keep in alignment with the intention throughout the Gwyl Mair season.