A Druid's Path

Generously contributed by
OMS/RDG Druid Aisling Beith ferch Arianrhod

When did it happen that we became so enamored of our own cleverness, our own creation? At what point did our eyes turn away from the wonders of the universe and the world around us and gaze almost exclusively upon those things that were built by the hand of man. People ask me… “do you not think that cathedral is awe-inspiring? Look at that bridge is it not magnificent? Look at these buildings, which seem to touch the heavens themselves… are they not humbling and do they not make you proud?”

My answer must always be: they are fine, to be sure impressive to a degree, as examples of that which man is capable. However, my heart does not leap at the sight of them as it does the sight of water cascading down the mountainside, jumping and leaping joyfully with a roar of pure abandonment. Tears do not form gazing at these examples of man’s achievements as they do at the sight of the morning sun filtering through the mist in the trees of an ancient forest. The sight of the Redwoods, nature’s skyscrapers stir more pride and at the same time humbles me more effectively than anything man made.

I do love music of all kinds, but given the choice I would choose the music of nature, of birds and insects singing, of the wind in the trees and the water of the stream or river or ocean. I enjoy fireworks, but would prefer to spend the evenings gazing at the wonders of the cosmos, the stars and nebulas and the Milky Way spinning overhead, reminding me that I am but a moment, an insignificant part of it all. Yet a part that is connected to the whole and so an all-important part at the same time.

The spoken word of the priests, the gurus the spiritual leaders may impress from time to time when they hit upon a personal truth. But the voice of the mountains, the fields and the Sea speak to me in a way that touches my soul. The wisdom in the eyes of the Stag, the playful nature of the Martin, the devotion of the Wolf to its clan, mate and young, these are my examples of how to live my life.

The warmth of Fire, the comfort of Earth, the fluidity of Water, the freedom of Wind, these are my guiding forces. They lend me their energy and remind me of my own limitations and the risks we all take in life to reach our goals. The quest to understand, to truly know that which we all yearn to know may be unachievable in this existence, yet to me the understanding of my true place in the world is an important part of that quest.

The Saints and Angels of traditional myth do not stir within me the same reverence as the Sylph, the Salamander, the Dryad, and the Undine. The Dragon holds more awe to me than the Seraphim. The spirits of the Elements provide more inspiration and guidance than any humanoid with wings ever could.

I look to the Earth, to the lessons of Nature, to the Cosmos and beyond for wisdom and truth. For life is not a perfect, sterile existence. Life can be dirty, it can be harsh and unforgiving, and yet at the same time it is glorious, beautiful and joyful.

The creatures of Land, Sea and Sky are innocent and pure of heart in a way that Man can never be, for they concern themselves not with the ideas of “good” and “evil”. They neither shun those of their own kind who are different nor do they agonize over whether their actions in the pursuit of life and love are proper or acceptable. They do not see these things in the sense of good or bad, they simply ARE. Neither do they seek to bring low their fellows or exploit their environment for their own aggrandizement. They use what they need and only what they need and they do not wantonly destroy or disrupt the world around them. For they know that that which causes harm or stress to the creatures or land around them will eventually come back to make their own lives harder.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, We borrow it from our Children”
~~ Native American Saying ~~

The idea that the Earth is a living organism makes sense to me. Even within our own bodies we can see how this could be so. Each part that is “us” is made of different yet similar types of cells. There are cells that form skin, organs, blood, bile, bone, sinew etc. Each acts independently of the others and yet at the same time each acts upon the other forming a partnership of interdependence. Just as with the earth where lava, wind, rain and ice all act independent of the other and yet are intimately connected in the whole, one cannot exist without the others.

Then too are the myriad fauna and flora, bacteria and fungi, which live within each of us in a symbiotic state. They use our bodies to survive as we use the Earth. And our bodies use them to aid in digestion, to fight disease and in a myriad of other ways. Just as the Earth uses the creatures upon it, to break down rock and dead material into soil, to create and maintain the balance of atmospheric gases, to return to the soil the stuff of our physical body thus providing nutrients back into the body of the Mother.

So then what does this mean to me as an integral part of the living Earth? When I act in a manner that is detrimental to the Earth it is detrimental to my own existence, the existence of everything which resides here and more importantly to the existence of a being upon which I and every other creature depends.

I believe that all life uses and creates energy that permeates the world and the cosmos beyond. I believe this energy may be used and manipulated in the form of ritual and meditation known as Magick. I believe Magick can be used to cause real and measurable changes in both the physical and spiritual world.

Thou Art Goddess… I am my own spiritual and moral leader. I take full responsibility for my own actions and for the situations in which I find myself. I do not wish for nor need a nebulous being on which to place blame for my misfortune, mistakes or situations in which I may find myself. I also take full credit for my positive attributes, accomplishments and any blessings I may receive.

I wish to strive to live my life in a way that is in harmony with the living Earth as much as is possible. I wish to be able to be a part of a community that shares these values, needs, and goals. I wish to learn from those who have already achieved these goals or who are also learning to follow this path. I wish to banish the indoctrinations of Shame and Jealousy which society has forced upon me so that I may learn to accept myself and my fellow man as we are, with no deceptions and no depravations of mind, spirit or body. I wish to be among those who will understand, love and accept me for who I am and respect what I feel and believe without the reservations that societal programming has forced upon most of the people who currently surround me. I wish to share energy with those who will return in kind, and who will help me in my goals and desires and be a positive force in my life. I wish to likewise help others in their quests and goals and to provide support for a larger family of like-minded individuals.

For these reasons and many others I respectfully and humbly wish to join the RDG and the OMS and become a Druid of the Second Degree so that I may continue to learn and to live by example and work to change the world for the better of all mankind and for the betterment of Nature, the Earth herself and the Cosmos.