Imagination - A Doorway to Magic

With a lot of magical techniques it's easy to get confused as to whether you are really experiencing any effects or just using your imagination. For instance, after you've used and mastered a magical technique for the first time you may feel great. Then, a little voice in your mind may begin to tell you that you aren't really experiencing anything at all, that you're just imagining it all.

In doing any kind of magic it's very important not to introduce doubt into your practice. The more you doubt and second-guess yourself the less effective your magic will be. Here are some simple principles that may help you get around the doubt factor.

First, know that the Universe always responds to your requests for help. If you follow the procedures exactly as they are given you will get the result. If you alter anything about the procedure, though, expect to get different results or no results at all. Magically, we say that "altered procedures produce altered results."

The second principle is that for many people imagination is the doorway to reality. If you have no experience with magic it can be hard for you to even sense the effects of a magical technique because you aren't used to looking for it. For many people, using imagination is a way to be open to new experiences. If you can imagine something, such as feeling the effects of a magical technique, then it opens the door for you to experience it.

In fact, a lot of esoteric teachers use imagination as a tool to help students experience new realities and new worlds. One way to get around the doubt factor in magic is to first write down what you think is going to happen when you do a new technique. Imagine what it will be like in your mind and jot it down on paper. Then, proceed with the technique and experience what actually happens. Usually, magic doesn't happen the way we think it will - there will be anomalies that we can't possibly have imagined and written down beforehand. These anomalies tell us that what we are experiencing is real.

So don't worry so much about whether what you are experiencing is real or imagined - even if you start out with imagination, if you stay open, it will take you to reality. Good luck!

~~ Source Unknown ~~