I confess:
I am a multidimensional vibration.
But How do I contain that?
I am being and becoming
And I am lost and found in the between

But I don't know how to reach the other parts of me,
stretched like melted plastic taffy through wormholes of possibility.

I am the thirteenth rose, de-thorned, but pricked by the dozen other red mirrors.
The roses were white, but stained the blood of my zodiacal reflection.

Archetypes battle in me, and I seek my courage in conjuring miracles:
the hymns necessary to sustain peace between the gods of war.

All gods
are gods of war.

And I've been caught stealing
I've been caught thieving

The eagle pecks at my flesh
The swan serenades my soul beyond death
The vulture carries the carrion of my heart across the Milky river Styx

I am the orphan in exile, and I am the hybrid trying to hide in stars
And my centaur's arrow points back, like an oroborous tail,
Straight into my mouth
I am both Prometheus and the Wounded Healer who spares his Flame from its famine
I am the Artist-Shaman who sacrifices his heart upon the altar
So that humanity may feast upon dawn for but one more day
I am the Sacred Face of the Sun
Reaching to kiss you with my Solar Flare lips
I know my embrace is deadly
But the Light will ascend you
And the Heat will resurrect you
Just stare at me and remember
You are not separate
Climb into the Light
Return the Many to the One
and Fold the distance
Into Wholeness

Source: Reality Sandwich